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Rabic Meeran K
Technical Specialist at HCL Technologies
Responsible for developing integration plug-ins for Workload Automation. Hands-on with different programing languages and frameworks like JAVA, JPA, Spring Boot, Microservices, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, Docker, AWS, C and C++.
Posts by Rabic Meeran K
Automation | August 11, 2022
Automating SAP Data Services batch jobs with HCL Workload Automation
SAP Data Services is a one-stop solution from SAP to manage your data integration, cleansing, transformations, and data management.
Automation | January 20, 2022
Monitor and respond to unplanned event or interruption of HCL Workload Automation objects using Jira action plug-in
A JIRA plug-in is a new EDWA action plugin to open tickets, that eliminates manual efforts and speed up resolution greatly. It is a work management tool which offers functionalities to help the users to manage their work efficiently.
Automation | January 11, 2022
Dataflow- Backbone of Data Analytics with HCL Workload Automation
Let us begin with understanding of Google Cloud dataflow what it is all about before moving to our GCP Cloud Dataflow plugin and how it benefits to our workload automation users.
Automation | August 19, 2020
How To Make The Most out of ODI plugin in Workload Automation
Oracle Data Integrator provides a fully unified solution for building, deploying, and managing complex data warehouses or as part of data-centric architectures in a SOA or business intelligence environment.
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