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Pradeesh S P
Technical Specialist, HCLSoftware
Pradeesh has more than 14 years of IT experience in Administering and Supporting Products and Solutions in the domain of Change and Configuration Management, DevOps. He has authored several articles in the Change Management product space. Currently, he is part of the HCLSoftware Support group for the last 3 years.
Posts by Pradeesh S P
Secure DevOps | February 25, 2022
HCL Compass Webhooks in Action
Learn how to enable Webhooks in HCL compass step by step. It is the application that sends the Webhook data, which is also known as Payload.
Secure DevOps | September 20, 2021
HCL Compass Rest APIs In Action
Learn about RESTFUL services of HCL Compass 2.0.2 version that helps to build or interact with applications based on Compass data.
Secure DevOps | July 19, 2021
Migration Activity from IBM ClearQuest 9.1 to HCL Compass 2.0.2
Learn how to migrate an existing setup of IBM ClearQuest 9.1 to HCL Compass 2.0.2. This blog shows the steps that followed for the migration.
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