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Piet Gaarthuis
Director, Client Support
Piet Gaarthuis is the Global Director of HCLSoftware Product Support. He is responsible for the Support Delivery and Strategy of the HCLSoftware portfolio for our Worldwide customers. Piet has gained this experience through 25 years of work in different Support roles for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Rational Software, IBM and now HCL. He has worked in many different capacities in helping customers, like a Support Director, a Support Engineer, a Support Agent, a Critical Situations Manager, an Educator/Trainer, or a Support Manager. Due to Piet’s multi-cultural and multi-lingual expertise, the Support roles he performed have always been in international settings.
Posts by Piet Gaarthuis
HCLSoftware | March 3, 2023
Professional Troubleshooting: The “Third Key” to Providing Great Support
Professional troubleshooting is what we call the third key for our HCLSoftware support team. What do we mean by professional troubleshooting? It is quite simple: finding a balance between "proving yourself right" or "proving yourself wrong."
HCLSoftware | July 18, 2022
Key 2 – Product and Domain Expertise
HCL Sofy is a web-based platform that helps you to connect with your domain expert. It also allows you to communicate with your engineer specialist through the platform.
HCLSoftware | February 14, 2022
Key 1: Responsiveness, what is going on?
The first key to success at HCLSoftware is about gaining clarity and understanding around you by contacting the HCLSoftware Support team. Read to know more.
HCLSoftware | September 20, 2021
HCLSoftware Support Achieves ISO 27001 Certification
The Product Support team of HCLSoftware has been awarded the ISO 27001 certification. It describes how organizations should manage information security.
Automation | May 24, 2021
The Three Keys to Success for HCLSoftware Support
HCLSoftware support team is responsive, communicative, technically sound, and professional in troubleshooting. Read more.
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