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Peter Wharton
Director of Marketing, Commerce HCL Software
I love to understand how customers are using solutions to solve the challenges they face in business and turn them into compelling stories. A product marketer at heart but have experience in tech sales, product management and strategic partnerships for HCL, IBM, Sterling Commerce and Kewill
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Marketing & Commerce | September 2, 2020
A Lot to Like: LiveArea’s Perspective on HCL Commerce and Google Cloud
Bringing HCL Commerce to Google Cloud will enable businesses to maintain their investments in HCL’s commerce platform while also taking advantage of the global reach, security, and elasticity of Google Cloud.
Marketing & Commerce | July 1, 2020
The Value of a Better Customer Experience With HCL Commerce 9.1
HCL Commerce 9.1 providing ‘World Class Experiences’ to clients and how current events have accelerated the transformation to digital for doing business.
Marketing & Commerce | June 9, 2020
HCL Commerce Summit: What to Expect?
HCL Commerce Summit: June 23-25 Launches are exciting – and for HCL Commerce 9.1, the excitement is off the charts and you can feel the buzz! If you don’t believe me watch this. The reason for the excitement? This release is what the clients have been asking for in the platform - It’s what they need to drive results, be more innovative, and improve their efficiency and effectiveness. In case you missed it, the 9.1 sneak peek webinar is now available on demand. Not only did we provide insight into the new capabilities, we had one of our guest speakers, Paul Miller, former CIO at Williams Sonoma, Sears and Grainger and now a digital acceleration leader, share his ideas on responding during these crazy times and what we need to focus on – the fundamentals of commerce.   Before we get to Summit, it’s time to play a game with the Commerce Hackathon. Are you up for the competition? Register here for the Hackathon on June 15-17 and a chance to win bragging rights! So why register for the HCL Commerce Summit? It is easy to attend (virtual) and you can build your own schedule If you miss a session, you can watch the recording whenever you want Keynotes from Google, Elasticsearch and Paul Miller will change your thinking! ‘Meet the Engineer’ and discuss how they solve the challenges faced by clients  Workshops and demos covering the 3 Wows of World-class Experiences, Optimized Merchandising and Cloud Native will get you ready for Commerce 9.1 To ensure everyone gets the most out of Summit, here are the highlights which you must not miss. Day 1 (June 23) focuses on World-Class Experiences. Catch the demo of the new React Starter Store with Search and CMS Insights from market leaders GM, Follett and DFS...
Marketing & Commerce | May 28, 2020
Why HCL Commerce is not in the Forrester Wave and the Gartner MQ Report
HCL Commerce is not in the Forrester Waves for B2B/B2C Commerce Suites or the Gartner MQ for Digital Commerce, this year. We love being part of these reports and respect the opinion of these industry analyst firms. This year, however, we recognized our participation would not result in an accurate representation due to the evaluation period, evaluation criteria, and our length of business operations. To be honest, we are ok with that – sometimes the timing for these reports does not work out and we would rather you see what we are delivering with 9.1 and the roadmap. But here are a few things you may not know about HCL Commerce..... HCL Commerce delivers B2B, B2C and B2B2C support, driving over $150B for clients all around the world.  We are materially significant to our client’s revenue and our customers are expanding their HCL Commerce implementation – new routes-to-market, sales channels, brands and regions/countries – to maximize efficiencies and maintain the lowest cost of sale. Since HCL took over July 1, 2019, client adoption of v9 has grown 10X.  Over 30% of our HCL Commerce clients have V9 upgrade projects underway. HCL Commerce powers more Fortune 100 companies than any of our competitors. For every company who aspires to be a leader in their market, HCL Commerce helps clients innovate and differentiate to beat the competition. Our clients use their online data to drive competitive advantage and innovation. They want to monetize their data, and not have to share it.  We deliver engaging world-class experiences, without a tax for analyzing data, plus the flexibility to choose your own specific algorithms. Companies have the flexibility to adopt HCL Commerce and deploy it wherever is best to meet their innovation and business needs.  HCL Commerce offers a flexible platform that can be used as-is, or adapted to meet the ever changing competitive landscape.  ...
Marketing & Commerce | May 15, 2020
Don’t Forget the Fundamentals of Commerce in the New Normal
On a recent webinar Paul Miller, a Digital Acceleration Leader at McKinsey, explained how B2B and B2C organizations can help their businesses succeed with their digital strategies by focusing on 2 key areas, Commerce Fundamentals and Search.  Fundamentals  “Even today in the ‘New Normal’, its critical not to forget the fundamentals of commerce.”  Paul posed these simple (but difficult to answer) questions as simple steps every organization should take:  How do you engage each persona?  How do you drive the right kind of traffic?  When they get to your site, how do you create the right kinds of experiences?    Sharing his views with Gary Schoch from HCL, Paul talked about how regardless of the size of an organization, or whether its B2B or B2C, it’s about understanding your personas and building experiences to satisfy their needs. If you want the higher traffic, conversions or to increase average order values, you need to connect and tailor the experience based on these personas.  After the fundamentals, Paul talked about the current trends in commerce due to the New Normal. Traffic is coming to your site in new ways, their priorities have changed but he is seeing less competition for pay per click and there is a great opportunity to sell if you know your customer, where to bring them and what to sell them – which is straight back to the fundamentals.  Paul zeroed in on not setting too much value on your conversion rates! To him, this is too broad a metric and you really need to double-click and get more granular. My experience is the same and have met with clients with amazingly high conversion rates, but the problem is the customer knows what they want, goes straight to the product, purchases and leaves without any cross-sell or upsell...
Marketing & Commerce | March 24, 2020
Adapting Commerce Support in the Face of a Pandemic
When I get one of those company emails expressing ‘we are here to help’, it is nice to get the reassurance that we are not in this crazy situation alone and that those companies I choose to do business with are supporting me. HCL is sending those same messages but since ‘Actions speak louder than words’, I thought I would share some examples of how HCL Commerce is helping clients through these difficult times.  Remote Support HCL Commerce has been adopted by a number of the big warehouse stores or wholesale clubs for their commerce operations. As you can imagine, transaction volumes have peaked since the crisis broke and our first customer reached out to us concerned about business continuity when their staff were working from home. Remote Support is what we do all the time. Our Technical Advisors spent a day with the client, free of charge, sharing how our teams operate remotely and ensure the platform stays at peak efficiency and delivers the best experience to consumers.   Peak Volumes The second wholesale club client is deployed in the cloud and they were seeing their average order lines spike x20 as consumers placed increasingly large orders. An infrastructure issue, although not crashing the system, was causing a bottleneck and their cloud provider could not identify and resolve. One of our specialists, working closely with both parties used their extensive expertise to locate and fix the issue in the infrastructure, so the client could keep their commerce system working without major interruption. Our support teams don’t simply work within the boundaries of our platform and often apply the knowledge learned over many years to solve problems - again at no additional cost despite the issue being unrelated to HCL Commerce.  A grocery/supermarket client in Asia Pacific, who went live with...
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