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Peter Wharton
Director of Marketing, Commerce HCL Software
I love to understand how customers are using solutions to solve the challenges they face in business and turn them into compelling stories. A product marketer at heart but have experience in tech sales, product management and strategic partnerships for HCL, IBM, Sterling Commerce and Kewill
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Marketing & Commerce | April 9, 2021
Quadrant Solutions is an emerging analyst organization, who has their finger on the pulse of commerce. Read blog for more details.
Marketing & Commerce | March 5, 2021
How Search Powers the Future of Commerce
Recently I have been working with Ray Wang, Principle Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research on a thought leadership report on Search called How Search Powers the Future of Commerce. The report highlighted the key strategies leaders should take to enhance their search to drive real business benefits like: 35% more page views 41% more customer time spent on site 49% higher add-to-cart rate Ray’s perspective is always insightful and the more we talk, the more I learn. Add to the mix one of the resident HCL Commerce experts, Brian Gillespie, Director of Product Marketing, I feel I am taking a fast track to understanding both the business and the technical side of search. However, you too can benefit from their knowledge. HCL is hosting a fireside style chat with Ray and Brian on March 9 at 10am ET and you are welcome to join in the fun. Will it be the Battle of the Titans or will they align on their thinking? Whichever it is, I promise it will be fun, with not a single PowerPoint slide in sight. We will have deep discussions on the key topics like personalization and search in the customer journey; Is the hype about AI real? And where should you focus your efforts on search to beat your competitors? Not only that, we will go rapid fire with questions at the end to keep Ray and Brian on their toes. If your business partners are asking for help: Understanding the customer. Looking for ways to make better business decisions in merchandising products. Engaging the customer in new ways like voice and image search. Learning from every interaction instead of relying on rules! Register Now or Watch On-Demand after March 9, 2021. It promises to be one of the hottest sessions in 2021.  
Marketing & Commerce | February 2, 2021
Introducing the Innovation Factory for HCL Commerce
What is an Innovation Factory? My GM recently pointed out that the words ‘Innovation’ and ‘Factory’ don’t really go together, with innovation being associated with something new or unique, a different way perhaps of engaging with customers. Factory conjures up images of buildings where a uniform product is manufactured in volume, with no concern for individuality. I see his point, but I still like the idea behind the name – a team that has figured out a way to accelerate innovation that can be ‘productionized’ and adopted at speed into our commerce platform. Every day we see our clients having to move fast and one thing I have come to realize is that it doesn’t matter how big a company is, their success and growth is dependent on how fast and agile they can be. So, we wanted to create a team dedicated to helping our clients move faster, to deliver innovation that would help them sell more, by offering new and engaging world-class experiences that would draw their customers back, again and again, and help them be leaders in the new digital economy. Innovation Factory Mission The mission for the Innovation Factory is to help our clients stay in front of their competition and grow their business through the use of innovation. We take the risk out of the process by taking ideas from our clients or finding promising early-stage commerce technology and testing the concepts on the HCL Commerce platform. By leveraging our platform expertise, we get the most out of the innovation and develop them into new assets or an extension to the platform, helping clients differentiate themselves in the market. To summarize – This team creates excitement, for our customers, partners, products and innovation. Everyone wants to be on this dedicated team that plays (with purpose)...
Marketing & Commerce | December 11, 2020
This blog talks about how the HCL Commerce Fall Release 2020 makes it faster and easier than ever to deploy innovative digital experiences, helping clients respond to the accelerating pace of digital transformation.
Marketing & Commerce | November 23, 2020
Why Agility is the #1 Critical Capability in Commerce
The events this year have permanently accelerated the move to digital. As always, the shift has not been universal, with the outcome based on their existing digital maturity or their industry segment read blog for more details.
Marketing & Commerce | November 9, 2020
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Delivers New Customer Experience
Plans to shake up the industry and grow rapidly  In a matter of a few short weeks after selecting HCL Commerce and Perficient as their digital transformation partner, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (“2-10HBW”) went live on V9 with the first phase of their new digital initiative that will create a holistic customer view and enhance the user experience  2-10HBW, a home warranty company that provides products and services for homeowners, real estate professionals, and builders, provides its customers online access to products and services, including purchasing coverage, filing a claim, and viewing the status of their claims and coverage, among other capabilities.  “We’re excited to announce this project and to collaborate with such capable partners,” said Steve Martinez, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. “As we continue to grow our business, we have been highly selective of the technology we use to ensure it can support us as we evolve, and we believe HCL Commerce has the capability to scale to meet our needs. A project like this requires a trusted partnership, and Perficient has proven themselves to be a collaborative and reliable partner with the experience to match.”  “2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is one of the premier home warranty companies, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to digitally transform their business,” said John Ambrose, managing director of Perficient’s commerce practice. “Today’s customer platforms provide users with seamless experiences at their fingertips while giving businesses the visibility they need to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. We look forward to collaborating with HCL and deploying our expertise to deliver a quality customer experience to 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.”  Another great example of how HCL Commerce goes beyond the transaction to help our clients deliver an innovative end-to-end customer experience. With a cloud native...