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Nitin B. Chondhekar
Group Manager, Unica L2 Support
Nitin Joined Unica in Sept 2006 and then transitioned to IBM when it acquired Unica. During his career in Unica, he contributed to the engineering (QA) team. He started contributing to support business from 2013 onwards till 2018 and later took the L2 Support management role for AP and EMEA clients.
Posts by Nitin B. Chondhekar
Marketing & Commerce | April 14, 2022
Understanding HCL Unica Plan’s TVC Read Only Grid
HCL Unica Plan application supports 4 types of grids, also called TVC, read-only and editable. This article will help you to get more details.
Marketing & Commerce | June 30, 2021
Unica Plan – Effective way to represent editable grid data
HCL Unica Plan for data collection and display provides a user interface to display Grids data as a table or a list. Read the blog to know the details.
Marketing & Commerce | December 31, 2020
Unica Deliver – Digital Marketing Automation @ Scale
HCL introduced HCL Unica Deliver in V12.1 to provide seamlessly integrated, automated, and ad hoc engagement of customers across digital channels.
Marketing & Commerce | November 12, 2020
Manage TVC-Grid Validation in Unica Plan – A Systematic Way
HCL Unica Plan (Formerly known as Marketing Operations) supports the feature called Tabular View Control (TVC) Grid. It helps marketers choose different attributes.
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