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Nitin Dhabale
Product Support Lead, Unica
Nitin is a Product Support Lead and a Client Advocate for the Marketing Suite at Unica HCL. He has over +15 years of experience working with the Unica Suite and Automation.
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Marketing & Commerce | December 2, 2020
Comparative analysis in Unica Suite
Which email design works best, or where should the offer banner be added to gauge more interest from the target users? Comparing and analyzing the success and acceptance of different versions of Marketing Offers or Mailing or different Segments is the essence of today’s Marketing. A popular saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy,” does not hold good for comparing the results by different Marketing strategies. In this case, the comparison isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you compare different variables in Marketing Offers, Marketing Mails, or your website, or your social media posts, you can uncover which one performs the best. This type of comparison and analysis can be best achieved by A/B testing, also called Split Testing. HCL's Unica suite has the capability to carry out the Comparative analysis from its different Inbound and outbound products for: Mailing comparison using A/B testing To find out the most effective email design/message contents / Mailing subject in Unica Deliver. Campaign effectiveness using Target VS Control group To check the success and effectiveness of Campaigning in Unica Campaign by comparing the Target group vs. Control group responses. Offer version comparison using A/B testing. To find out the most effective Offers or Offer versions in Interact. This article will see each of the above mentioned 3 methods in detail and how it is used for Comparative analysis. Mailing comparison using A/B testing Introduction In Unica Deliver, the User can configure and conduct A/B testing and automatically send the most effective version (winner) of an HTML email message to the audience. By sending the mailing as an A/B test, responses from the recipient are used to determine the most effective email design and message content. When a user sends a mailing as an A/B test, the system sends different email messages, or...
Marketing & Commerce | June 3, 2020
Understand the Test Run tables in Unica Interact Flowchart
Recently, many customers contacted me for queries related to the Interact Flowchart Test run. In one such case, I observed that the Test run of flowchart stopped running, because of the data being inserted into the background table was greater than the table column size. In another scenario, the Interact user wanted to understand which audienceID falls under which segment. To gain this information, the user was repeatedly running the flowchart in a test run to view the result in the flowchart itself. The input data was huge and the customer did not want to reduce it. Hence, the flowchart run completion took a significant amount of time. While designing the flowchart in Unica Interact, the developer generally test runs the flowchart to ensure that the configuration is correct. But what happens if the flowchart fails with an error? What happens to the data? Where does it get stores? They have become the common issues for which the user always seeks an answer. So, I penned down this blog, which further talks about the tables that are created in the background when a flowchart runs. It talks about what data gets stored where. We talked about how, while executing a test run of the flowchart in the Interact session, the developers observe various error messages. All this information is stored in 4 different types of tables. When an Interact session flowchart is executed, in the background, it creates 4 types of tables in the Profile database-  TESTATTR_n, TESTCOUNT_n, TESTSEG_n and TESTERROR_n tables, where _n indicates the number which is generated at run time. This number (_n) is the same for all the above tables for the same Interactive Flowchart. In the present case, Unica will generate TESTATTR_142, TESTCOUNT_142, TESTSEG_142, and TESTERROR_142.  To figure out the correct answer to the question,...
Marketing & Commerce | May 7, 2020
Reduce Contact Fatigue with HCL Unica Suite
Are your customers being confronted with too many marketing messages across all available channels? In general, the answer is yes. The certain tactics a marketer uses of bombarding their customers with too many marketing communication no matter how relevant it is will result in lower CTRs, more Unsubscribes, apparently landing up in Marketing Fatigue. When marketing crosses a certain threshold, it is no more marketing, and It becomes a headache to customers. That’s marketing fatigue.  Customer contact fatigue is a major problem for marketers and salespeople the world over – not to mention the customers who are receiving it. Contact fatigue becomes a disparate part of marketing fatigue. No one wants to be bombarded with disparate messages too frequently. By managing contact fatigue, you can avoid possible opt-outs or customer backlash. Carrying on bombarding your customers and they won’t remain customers for long. HCL’s Unica suite, which helps in outbound as well as Inbound marketing via different channels, has the capability to avoid or to reduce the Contact Fatigue. In this article, we will describe how to reduce contact fatigue using Unica’s Outbound and Inbound Communication. Reducing contact fatigue with Inbound communications- using Unica Interact. Rather than relying on broad and mass communication, target more narrowly. This can be achieved by using the Unica Interact product, which helps in personalized marketing. Personalize offers that are based on the visitor profile information in real-time to enrich the experience of customers interacting with different channels like web, call center, ATMs, and other inbound marketing channels. Suppressing the Offers based on customer contacts. Not sending offers to the same customers after presenting the offer N number of times through specific channels like mail, web for a particular period, etc. This can be restricted considering the channels through which the offers are sent. In Interact, a...
Marketing & Commerce | June 4, 2019
SSL Configuration for IBM Campaign – Part-I
In Unica, campaign architecture involves two ways of SSL communication as mentioned in this blog
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