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Nitin Dhabale
Product Support Lead, Unica
Nitin is a Product Support Lead and a Client Advocate for the Marketing Suite at Unica HCL. He has over +15 years of experience working with the Unica Suite and Automation.
Posts by Nitin Dhabale
Marketing & Commerce | July 22, 2022
Managing preferences in Contact Central in Unica Campaign
We have introduced HCL UNICA v12.1.2. To manages customer data and preferences with total security. Unica will allow you to capture audience consent.
Marketing & Commerce | December 2, 2020
Comparative analysis in Unica Suite
To increase Marketing effectiveness and Return on Investment, marketers should engage in a comparative analysis by using different techniques. Different HCL Unica Products uses different techniques like A/B Testing, Target vs. Control analysis to do Comparative analysis
Marketing & Commerce | June 3, 2020
Understand the Test Run tables in Unica Interact Flowchart
The information that gets stored in the tables varies as per different environments, segments, audiences, and many other factors.
Marketing & Commerce | May 7, 2020
Reduce Contact Fatigue with HCL Unica Suite
HCL’s Unica suite, which helps in outbound as well as Inbound marketing via different channels, has the capability to avoid or to reduce the Contact Fatigue.
Marketing & Commerce | June 4, 2019
SSL Configuration for IBM Campaign – Part-I
In Unica, campaign architecture involves two ways of SSL communication as mentioned in this blog
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