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Nick Mathison
HCL Accelerate's Product Manager
Nick Mathison is HCL Accelerate's Product Manager at HCL Software, where he is responsible for working with customers on the next value add and guiding the development team through its implementation. Previously, he was a Value Stream and Release Manager, where he was responsible for streamlining work from idea to value, whether through supporting the SDLC, coordinating between development teams, or improving internal DevOps initiatives.
Posts by Nick Mathison
Secure DevOps | June 9, 2022
Introducing HCL Accelerate v3.1
HCL Accelerate is continuing to see significant Value Stream Management adoption! With the release of HCL Accelerate 3.1, we brought significant features and performance improvements for our largest customers. If you are not far in your VSM journey, see below for some new onboarding features and guidance.
Secure DevOps | April 25, 2022
OpenShift Installation Updates
Starting from HCL Accelerate version 3.1.0, OpenShift Template installation will be removed. If you are an OpenShift user, do not worry, we will continue supporting OpenShift platforms through Helm charts.
Secure DevOps | September 4, 2020
Day 2 DevOps: Getting more out of your software delivery pipeline
Find out how HCL Accelerate can help you quickly pinpoint problematic changes when they occur and halt problematic versions before deployment.
Secure DevOps | August 3, 2020
What is a Value Stream Manager?
Learn how a value stream manager helps to increase the work throughput in development practices while reducing the drag or problematic areas.
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