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Nabeel Jaitapker
Product Marketing Lead, HCL Software
Nabeel Jaitapker is an award-winning, senior marketing and communications professional experienced in demand generation, product marketing, content development, digital marketing, web content management, writing and editing, marketing, social media, instructional and technical writing formats. Jaitapker has a proven track record managing revenue optimization for SQLs and MQLs across multiple marketing channels. Multilingual, highly deadline-driven and customer-service oriented, he continues serving as an expert presenter and moderator on numerous leadership panels.
Posts by Nabeel Jaitapker
Secure DevOps | October 19, 2020
Static Model Analysis in HCL RTist
UML-RT models within HCL RTist can now be examined from different perspectives.Take for example, the third-party extension MetaModelAgent from Adocus.
Secure DevOps | October 16, 2020
Achieving Industry Standard Certification for Embedded Software Testing
Automating the creation and deployment of component test harnesses, test stubs and test drivers is a cinch thanks to HCL OneTest Embedded. With a single click from any development environment, testers can profile memory and performance, analyze code coverage and visualize program execution behavior.
Secure DevOps | September 2, 2020
Developing Stateful, Event-driven and Real-time Applications
HCL RTist is an Eclipse-based modeling and development environment for creating complex, event-driven, real-time applications in C++.
Secure DevOps | August 28, 2020
Virtualizing Middle-Tier and Back-end Applications
During the testing process, delivery is often challenged by the fact that different development teams move at different velocities.
Secure DevOps | August 27, 2020
Identifying and Managing the Risk of Application Performance Failures
Quickly executing performance tests that analyze the impact of load on applications can be a daunting task.
Secure DevOps | August 26, 2020
Ensuring Sound Integration of Complex Systems
Validating a system’s APIs across a range of network protocols and message formats is a must these days.
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