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Nabeel Jaitapker
Product Marketing Lead, HCL Software
Nabeel Jaitapker is an award-winning, senior marketing and communications professional experienced in demand generation, product marketing, content development, digital marketing, web content management, writing and editing, marketing, social media, instructional and technical writing formats. Jaitapker has a proven track record managing revenue optimization for SQLs and MQLs across multiple marketing channels. Multilingual, highly deadline-driven and customer-service oriented, he continues serving as an expert presenter and moderator on numerous leadership panels.
Posts by Nabeel Jaitapker
Secure DevOps | August 23, 2021
Technology Integration: The Next Generation of HCL OneTest
One of the coolest features in the latest HCL OneTest release is its ability to integrate with various types of technology.For example, you can extend referential integrity to add custom relationships and generate DDLs in version 10.2.
Secure DevOps | April 2, 2021
Latest HCL OneTest Release Boasts Several Benefits, Features
The latest HCL OneTest 10.1.3 release comprises several benefits and features for continuous testing in areas such as UI, performance and API throughout project lifecycles.
Secure DevOps | March 31, 2021
Advancing Avionics Verification and Validation
Reducing delays in avionics software engineering projects is extremely difficult due to the risk of failure in the software – where an error could result in fatal loss. In fact, more than 90% of their software verification and validation projects are delivered late.
Secure DevOps | March 23, 2021
Mobile Applications: Much More Than What Runs on Your Device
We all realize the power of mobile applications helping expand businesses and unlocking their market reach with potential customers. Read blog for more details.
Secure DevOps | February 5, 2021
Several Updates for UI in HCL OneTest Version 10.1.2
HCL OneTest version 10.1.2 is now available. And, while it is predominantly a fix pack, our team has included some exciting new capabilities in this release. For OneTest UI users, 10.1.2 provides these following updates: New reporting framework now offers PDF export with or without details, like screenshots, where required New reporting framework now supports jumping from the report step to the test implementation step (when run from the Desktop IDE only) Application under test configuration has been simplified with a single UI for configuring Web, Android, iOS or Desktop applications Address browser compatibility issues automatically – ensure you have the right web driver for the version of the browser you’re working with and if not, install it with a single click – this helps ensure test failures aren’t related to test environment issues, but rather are representative of actual application problems Continuation of running Mobile Native and Hybrid Applications Support TechPreview with this release bringing support for iOS-based apps on real devices, simulators or device clouds Continuation of running Windows Native Applications Support TechPreview — 10.1.2 refines the way multi-window applications, dialogs and popup windows are handled. Take a deep dive on what’s new with OneTest UI here. Or watch the on-demand webinar discussing the latest release.