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Mayuresh Potphode
Unica Technical Support
Mayuresh became Unican when he joined Unica Corporation in March 2007. He transitioned to IBM when IBM acquired Unica. He later worked as Unica Consultant for the customer across Globe before joining HCL. During his carrier in the Unica, he has contributed to different roles like Advisory Software Engineer, Unica Consultant before settling down in the Unica Technical Support team.
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Marketing & Commerce | October 13, 2021
Offer Integration with HCL Unica Journey
Customer insights help companies apply the Next Best offer that is suitable for them. Complete understanding of your customer lets you take a customer-centric approach.
Marketing & Commerce | May 19, 2021
Unica Interact – Learning and Score Override
In this digital age, customers are more educated, web-savvy, and are technology-driven. It provides marketers with more interaction opportunities, ramped up messaging, and laying out offer strategies on all possible channels. It is empowering, but it gets overwhelming for the customers, resulting in losing customers' interests and ultimately pulling away from the brands. To solve this challenge for the marketers, Unica Interact uses the marketing score to help determine which offer displays if multiple offers are available for a single request. For example, if a request for offers must choose between offer A with the marketing score of 30 and offer B with the marketing score of 80, Unica Interact presents offer B. The main purpose of this blog is to understand the score assignment in HCL Unica Interact and how to bypass learning’s final score from the Score Override table. Benefits of Score assignment model Offer eligibility in Interact is decided by the Marketer’s score/Final Score assigned to the user. There are multiple criteria for score assignment. If learning is enabled, then the Learning score will take the highest precedence. If learning is disabled, then the score assignment depends on where the expression is to determine the marketing score is defined. The below model clearly defines the order of precedence for score calculation. A marketer can even influence learning scores with Score Override table score with the help of parameters ADJEXPLORESCORE and FINALSCORE. Score Assignment Model Scenario 1 (When both learning and Score Override is not enabled) 1. Create an Interactive channel and Session flowchart associated with the Interactive Channel. Add three segments, e.g., PUNE, MUMBAI, ALL_CITY. The Score Assignment should be as shown in the below screenshot. 2. After the changes have been deployed, hit the Interact Admin URL and do startSession and getOffer call for CustomerID=102. (Note:- CustomerID 102...
Marketing & Commerce | July 24, 2020
How to Fast Upgrade from Unica V8.6x to V12.1
The thought of upgrading any type of computer software can be off-putting and make you ponder several irritating questions… How long will the upgrade process take? Will it negatively impact my ability to meet current work demands? How long will it take to get accustomed to the updated platform? Is this upgrade really going to be worth it?