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Mayuresh Potphode
Unica Technical Support
Mayuresh became Unican when he joined Unica Corporation in March 2007. He transitioned to IBM when IBM acquired Unica. He later worked as Unica Consultant for the customer across Globe before joining HCL. During his carrier in the Unica, he has contributed to different roles like Advisory Software Engineer, Unica Consultant before settling down in the Unica Technical Support team.
Posts by Mayuresh Potphode
Marketing & Commerce | November 30, 2022
Understanding Deliver Insight Reports and it’s data flow in the tables
The blog will help you understand the data flow from Design-time tables to Report Staging tables. If your report is not in Staging, you need to run the procedure at least once per day. You should consider running them at times when there
Marketing & Commerce | August 11, 2022
How to use AB Testing in HCL Unica Deliver?
Learn about different criteria set for winner emailing, Send a mailing as an A/B test, the system sends different email messages or versions of the same message.
Marketing & Commerce | May 18, 2022
Unsubscribing Email in Unica Deliver
The blog contains detailed steps on how a user can unsubscribe from email using the Landing page in Unica Deliver.
Marketing & Commerce | October 13, 2021
Offer Integration with HCL Unica Journey
Integrate with HCL Unica 12.1 Centralized Offer Management (COM) marketing platform. Learn How to configure COM Offer with Unica Journey.
Marketing & Commerce | May 19, 2021
Unica Interact – Learning and Score Override
Learn how HCL Unica Interact can help to bypass learning’s final score from the Score Override table. Read in detail about the benefits of the Score assignment model.
Marketing & Commerce | July 24, 2020
How to Fast Upgrade from Unica V8.6x to V12.1
The thought of upgrading any type of computer software can be off-putting and make you ponder several irritating questions… How long will the upgrade process take? Will it negatively impact my ability to meet current work demands? How long will it take to get accustomed to the updated platform? Is this upgrade really going to be worth it? 
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