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Martin Lechleider
Director, Product Management, HCL Domino Leap
Posts by Martin Lechleider
Digital Solutions | February 15, 2022
Workflows Made Easy for Citizen Developers
Learn how workflows are key to streamlining key processes and repeatable tasks, which help keep companies up and running efficiently and minimize the chance of errors.
Digital Solutions | October 5, 2021
What’s New in HCL Domino Volt
The latest release of Domino Volt, v1.0.4, is available for customers to download from the HCL license and download portal and to try out in the Domino Volt Sandbox
Digital Solutions | April 27, 2021
HCL Domino Volt: April Release with New Integration Possibilities
Domino Volt is on a quarterly release cycle, and this marks our fourth release so far. Now customers can access v1.0.3 on the HCL License Portal.
Digital Solutions | January 12, 2021
HCL Domino Volt: Zero to Hero in 30 Days
HCL Domino Volt is a low-code capability for business users and citizen developers to build powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications easily.
Digital Solutions | December 8, 2020
HCL Domino Volt: The December Release is Here!
To learn more about building apps with HCL Domino Volt and what new features are in the latest release, please read our webinar on the week.
Digital Solutions | August 7, 2020
Domino Volt New Release: Your Questions Answered!
Last week, we hosted our new Domino Volt July release webinar covering the latest features and enhancements. We had several demos on how to directly access your Domino data, workflow enhancements, service catalogs, PDF integrations and more. For IBM z and IBM i customers, we covered the latest integration with Z and I Emulator (ZIE) to turn green screen apps into REST endpoints that Domino Volt can use to build new workflows and apps. 
Digital Solutions | July 28, 2020
Meet the New Release of Domino Volt
Building apps is now faster with easier workflow creation and access to data and you get more value from your apps by extending app usage outside your organization
Digital Solutions | May 29, 2020
Domino Volt – Getting on with Business, Lightning Fast!
In the era of COVID-19, organizations are having to adapt and pivot away from traditional solutions and are learning to solve issues quickly and do things differently. In a recent webinar, we showed you how HCL Domino Volt can help keep key, mission-critical parts of the business moving, support a remote workforce, and build new processes. And, we showed you how it’s easy for those closest to the business challenge to build these new processes with minimal IT intervention.  We built and demoed a crisis furlough application that helps HR and finance manage the company salary budget and a work-from-home employee survey. In addition, we provided five key lessons learned and the best practices we recommend for building your first Domino Volt workflow-based application.  You can watch the replay here.   As usual, those who attended were super active, and a lot of great questions were asked. You can find those questions — and the answers — below.  Now, more than ever, teams need technology that just works. Domino is the proven platform that’s trusted around the globe by thousands of companies to deliver rock-solid apps that run their business. Let us help you get started. Register for a free sandbox account and start creating Domino Volt applications on a web browser – no installation needed!  FURLOUGH APP AND SURVEY DEMO  Q: Can you share the demo app?   A: Yes, we will share the application .volt files in the sandbox.   Q: How long did it take to build these apps?  A: Three weeks for the furlough application (including time spent learning HCL Domino Volt along the way) and one week for the survey application after applying lessons learned from building the first application. Q: In the demo, a support ticket was opened from the survey if you answered yes to “having connectivity issues.” Could a support BOT session be initiated instead of opening a ticket?  A: Yes. The low-code capabilities in Domino Volt allows you design apps to fit your specific requirements.  Providing support capabilities in the form of a BOT and then only opening a ticket if needed sounds like a very effective...
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