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Mark Zukowsky
Senior Software Architect
Mark has worked with IBM Rational ClearCase and HCL VersionVault since 1998. His picture is attached.
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Secure DevOps | November 17, 2021
Webhook basics
VersionVault Express can be configured to send out notifications when interesting events happen inside projects. These notifications are called webhooks. A webhook is simply a JSON payload sent to an endpoint over HTTP as a POST request. Any system that can respond to an HTTP POST request can be a webhook endpoint and perform any action it so chooses.
Secure DevOps | November 5, 2021
Deliver and rebase basics
VersionVault Express relies on VersionVault Unified Change Management (UCM) as a set of processes for code development. In this article we’ll describe some of the concepts used in UCM and how to work as a team using VersionVault Express. In order to work with UCM in VersionVault Express the user must have the Developer role.
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