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Marianne Hollier
Client Advocacy Manager for Test Automation and Service Virtualization
Marianne Hollier is an Open Group Master Certified IT specialist in application development. She has strong practical expertise in measurably improving the software development lifecycle and driving the necessary cultural changes to make it work. Marianne is instrumental in architecting, tailoring, and deploying best practices and appropriate software development tools on many types of projects—from large to small, long to fast-track, agile to traditional. Marianne is passionate about all things testing—process, tools, culture, and automation. Her experience is broad-based, spanning both custom projects and standard software packages that apply to pharmaceutical, refining, telecommunications, healthcare, financial, automotive, government, and retail industries.
Posts by Marianne Hollier
Automation | January 24, 2020
Dispelling Continuous Testing Myths
You may have seen the term “continuous testing” and thought it was just the DevOps flavor of the month. Some might even think it isn’t part of DevOps or isn’t for cloud or hybrid cloud applications.
Automation | September 11, 2019
HCL OneTest Client Advocacy – Ensure Customer Success Beyond the Contract
Thanks to our Client Advocacy Program, customers can have a direct point of contact for the test automation and service virtualization suite of products, enabling them to create a strategic relationship with our technical, management, and executive leaders
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