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MariaLudovica Costa
Software Developer
Maria Ludovica Costagliola, Workload Automation Junior Software Developer. She joined HCL in September 2019 as Junior Software Developer starting to work as Developer for IBM Workload Automation product suite. She has a Computer Engineering Master Degree.
Posts by MariaLudovica Costa
Automation | February 1, 2022
Connect to Axway Secure Transport with Workload Automation
Are you working with Axway SecureTransport and would you like an easy way to perform your operations? We have what you are looking for!
Automation | September 29, 2020
The power of Ansible inside Workload Automation
Can’t get enough of automating your business processes? We have what you are looking for!  The Ansible plug-in is available on Automation Hub, download it to empower your Workload Automation environment.  
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