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Marco Borgianni
Enterprise Architect
I'm currently an Enterprise Architect working in HCL services team for Workload Automation, an IBM + HCL product. I'm been working in the Workload Automation area since 2000 as a developer, test, Level 3 support and Customer Service Specialist. Covering several aspect of this product. A long customer experience as part of services team, I have acquired a deep knowledge of customers' needs in that area. I'm interested in everything that is strongly related to supporting customers in their technological challenges. I have a background in computer science technologies, in the design and development of integrations with ERP and Business Intelligent and Analytic tools.
Posts by Marco Borgianni
Automation | November 6, 2020
All you need to know about how to setup SAP connection in Workload Automation
The SAP batch access method enables the communication between an external SAP system and Workload Automation and provides a single point of entry for automating.
Automation | October 27, 2020
Workload Automation and SAP best performance together
SAP jobs run on application servers that host work processes of type batch. Critical batch jobs are run in specific time frames on specific application servers. Know more.
Automation | October 20, 2020
SAP Secure Network Connection and Workload Automation How to works together
Explore the power of integrating HCL Workload Automation with SAP and how it takes businesses to the next level of innovation and maturity.
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