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Manish Virmani
General Manager, HCL Software
Manish has more than 20 years of IT experience, large part of his experience is around developing products and solutions in the domain of change and configuration management, DevOps. Manish has authored many blogs, has IEEE publication, authored a book on DevOps and has presented in multiple international conferences. Currently he is part of HCL VersionVault development group.
Posts by Manish Virmani
Secure DevOps | December 7, 2020
VersionVault brings SCM/DM capabilities to EDA World – with Cadence Virtuoso Integration
HCL VersionVault is a secure enterprise solution for version control and configuration management. With HCL VersionVault  - Cadence Virtuoso Integration, VersionVault  brings its enterprise configuration management capabilities to analog and mixed signal designers. This integration enables designers to take advantage of core capabilities of VersionVault, without leaving their familiar design environment. This integration allows custom chip designers to complete VersionVault actions from within Cadence Virtuoso.  Salient Features: VersionVault Cadence integration offers advanced sets of capabilities which makes it a right fit for IC designers. Figure 1: Integration Capabilities  Instant Workspace Creation With Dynamic views, irrespective of size of design libraries (running into GBs), designers can create their workspaces based on a desired configuration instantaneously. No client side downloading of content is needed.  Rich Graphical & Command-line support Integration supports all prominent design management use cases from Cadence Virtuoso's graphical interfaces i.e. Library Manager, Cell View Editors. Integration does provide a dedicated command-line interface as well for all major design management operations.  Library Manager: Figure 2: DM Operations via Context Menu's in LM Cell View Editors: Figure 3: DM Operations via CVE Command Line Figure 4: Command Line Interface Interactive Graphical Schematic Diff Schematic diff tool enables designers to graphically browse-through and review changes made across versions of the same schematic design. This tool will provide means to the designers to navigate through any addition, deletion or modification which may have taken place between the schematic versions being compared. During the navigation, the tool will also highlight the deltas on the schematic editor in case they happen to be part of any visible design component.  Figure 5: Graphical Schematic Diff Hierarchical Design Management The Hierarchy Manager GUI provides a powerful mechanism for examining and traversing a design hierarchy. On the specification tab, designer can specify various descent controls supported with advanced...
Secure DevOps | October 19, 2020
Stepping up the productivity ladder with HCL VersionVault
This blog talks about HCL VersionVault helps the organization to step up the productivity ladder, leading to a better customer experience.
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