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Lalitkumar Dudhe
Unica Technical Support Consultant
Lalit became Unican when he joined Unica Corporation in June 2007. He transitioned to IBM when IBM acquired Unica. He was also part of IBM Australia before joining HCL. During his carrier in the Unica world, he has contributed to different roles like Advisory Software Engineer, Managing Consultant before settling down in the Unica Technical Support team. Lalit is very passionate about helping customers not just during the initial implementation phase but also after that.
Posts by Lalitkumar Dudhe
Marketing & Commerce | November 16, 2022
Personalization Playback in Unica Interact
With the new playback feature, in Unica Interact marketers can review what happened in any time period. Drill down all the way to individual sessions to see activities by user attributes, session attributes, API history, event patterns status, and delivered and disqualified offers.
Marketing & Commerce | September 22, 2021
Export and Import Functionality in HCL Unica Journey
HCL Unica's new version 12.1.1 contains a feature to export and import Journey. Visit to learn more.
Marketing & Commerce | August 12, 2021
HCL Unica Campaign Integration with Apache ® Kafka
HCL Unica’s latest version, 12.1.1, has introduced a facility to export the data in Kafka. With this integration, HCL Unica Campaign can be integrated with Kafka.
Marketing & Commerce | February 17, 2021
Unica Campaign – Integration with Unica Journey
Promote your business innovatively and efficiently with these tips on constructing an effective marketing campaign that delivers results!
Marketing & Commerce | February 11, 2021
Unica Journey-Integration with Salesforce CRM
Unica Journey is a goal-based orchestration solution that can craft, executes, and visualizes context-driven, personalized, multi-step omnichannel customer experiences.
Marketing & Commerce | January 28, 2021
Partitioning in HCL Unica Suite
Learn how multiple partitions work. Unica family of products, partitions provide a way to secure the data associated with different user groups.
Marketing & Commerce | December 25, 2020
Integration of Unica Campaign with Unica Link
HCL Unica V12.1, Unica Suite launched a new Unica Link product, which can connect to delivery channels for sending communication. Read more.
Marketing & Commerce | August 6, 2020
Offer Creation Using Unica Centralized Offer Management (COM)
Why is offer management improved when it is centralized? Marketers need to have control over offer distribution on the marketing channels.
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