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Kirsten Kelley
GM of Marketing for HCL Digital Experience
Kirsten Kelley is the GM of Marketing for HCL Digital Experience. With over 20 years of experience in High Tech, she has held a variety of positions in Sales, Offering Management, Product Management and Marketing.
Posts by Kirsten Kelley
Digital Solutions | June 16, 2022
Join as at the #HCLDX Inspire JAMs 2021
Get engaged in the HCL Digital Experience Webinar in targeted virtual design-thinking workshops to share ideas for the HCL DX in 2022.
Cloud Native | February 15, 2021
Your Digital Experience Should Evolve with You
HCLSoftware makes the user experience more intuitive, providing modern tools for developers, and giving administrators more flexible options to deploy new capabilities.
Digital Solutions | February 11, 2021
You know HCL Digital Experience. You know Portal and WCM.
Learn how we need your experience and expertise, whether we are a developer, enterprise architect, release manager, or product owner involved with your DX projects.
Digital Solutions | August 17, 2020
Engaging Video Content Improves Online Healthcare for All
In the battle against Covid-19, health workers worldwide work day and night, under extreme conditions, to treat infected patients.
Digital Solutions | June 15, 2020
Reimagine the Way You Create and Manage Content 
The totally redesigned Content Composer enables teams to create content in half the time and boosts productivity on our platform by up to 60%. We took the most commonly used elements of the content creation process and streamlined the workflow.
Digital Solutions | February 5, 2020
What’s the real cost of better digital experiences today?
If you do business online, you need to worry about the full range of your visitors’ digital customer experiences. What if you could create, manage and deliver engaging and personalized omnichannel experiences with a single digital experience platform?
Digital Solutions | December 19, 2019
HCL DX: This Digital Experience Platform Is the Gift that Keeps Giving
Looking back at the year so far, I am thankful for all we have accomplished and excited for what is to come in 2020. Our platform has progressed so much in the few short months since we transitioned to HCL, and the genuine enthusiasm and energy around the platform is palpable.
Digital Solutions | October 29, 2019
Rising to the occasion: Inspired launch events
Deep thanks to our partners Asponte, Sirius, Base22, Streebo, and Tiny — we couldn’t have done this without you and we appreciate your dedication to the platform and to helping make our customers successful.
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