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John Beechen
Product Manager HCL Commerce
John has 20 years of experience in Commerce as a consultant, project manager, managed services and hosting provider, and now for HCL Software.
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Marketing & Commerce | April 6, 2021
5 Drawbacks of Software as a Service
Software as a Service, or SaaS has been the darling of the software industry for the past decade. Read the blog for more details
Marketing & Commerce | January 3, 2020
How can you make eCommerce Green Commerce? By John Beechen, Commerce Specialist and Green Strategist
The past few months culminating in the Climate Change summit at the United Nations and protests in major cities over the lack of action by world governments represents a tipping point.  People in general, especially the young who have the most to lose from climate change, are demanding action around reduction in Co2, and new ways of thinking about protecting the environment rather than exploiting it. Watching these events, I asked myself the question “what are we doing about it in the ecommerce industry? Ecommerce is growing rapidly towards dropping the E and just becoming “Commerce”.  As this shift gains further momentum, there is more pressure put on the resources needed to support this growth, and that leads potential damage to the environment.  Should we be asking ourselves if we need to put “green” in front of Commerce and make it a little more planet friendly?  If we agree we should, then what can merchants and ecommerce providers do to help? Here are some ideas that we can build into our ecommerce platforms so merchants can offer their customers the “things” they want, while being mindful of creating and providing those things in the most environmentally friendly way possible. 1)From free shipping to responsible shipping Perhaps the biggest cost outside of production of the goods sold via ecommerce is fulfillment.  Think the trucks driving the packages onto your street, from city to city along the fulfillment chain, and the planes getting them from source warehouses to hubs.  Free shipping has fueled ecommerce growth because consumers know they can order what they like, at the same or lower price than in local stores, without additional cost. While I don’t think free shipping is going to go away, perhaps adding the option to practice “responsible shipping” is a good practice.  Canadian airlines...