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John Beechen
Product Manager HCL Commerce
John has 20 years of experience in Commerce as a consultant, project manager, managed services and hosting provider, and now for HCL Software.
Posts by John Beechen
Marketing & Commerce | April 8, 2022
Here’s what went down at Shoptalk 2022!
Learn what went down at the B2C Retail Conference: Shoptalk 2022, held in the US, Las Vegas. Learn more about what people and processes are.
Marketing & Commerce | December 20, 2021
GraphQL for Commerce – Making life easier for front end developers
HCL Commerce has supported Rest APIs for some time now as a headless platform. In the Winter 2021 release we now make the same server function available via GraphQL.
Marketing & Commerce | October 5, 2021
HCL Commerce on Now – One Size does NOT fit all
With HCL Commerce on Now we believe we have created one of the most flexible cloud commerce platforms on the market. Read out for more info.
Marketing & Commerce | April 6, 2021
5 Drawbacks of Software as a Service
Software as a Service, or SaaS has been the darling of the software industry for the past decade. Read the blog for more details
Marketing & Commerce | January 3, 2020
How can you make eCommerce Green Commerce? By John Beechen, Commerce Specialist and Green Strategist
The past few months culminating in the Climate Change summit at the United Nations and protests in major cities over the lack of action by world governments represents a tipping point.
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