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I-Lung Kao
Product Manager
I-Lung is an HCL Product Manager focusing on BigFix endpoint management and security solutions. With 20+ years of industry experience in various IT security areas, including identity and access management, security intelligence, endpoint compliance, and cloud management, I-Lung has been leading efforts in defining product strategy and delivering cutting-edge solutions to help customers address critical security challenges and realize substantial business values.
Posts by I-Lung Kao
Automation | February 20, 2023
Accelerate Your Endpoint Management with BigFix on Cloud
As endpoints continue to grow in volume and diversity, managing and securing them has become more complex and time-consuming.
Automation | November 18, 2022
BigFix on Cloud: Get the Power of BigFix With Zero Infrastructure
Many organizations have ‘Cloud Initiatives’ to move their data centers to the cloud. HCL BigFix on Cloud combines the power of BigFix endpoint management capabilities with HCL’s global cloud-based managed services to provide a hosted BigFix solution that accelerates deployment, reduces management complexity, and eliminates expensive infrastructure.
Automation | May 15, 2022
BigFix Supports NIST Cybersecurity Framework for Ransomware Risk Management  
Download the whitepapers to get an overview of the NIST Framework and the implementation of the Ransomware Risk Profile published by NIST.
Automation | November 30, 2021
Patch Posture Reporting Significantly Improves Security
Vulnerability identification and remediation are critical to maintaining a secure environment, and most organizations use one or multiple vulnerability scanning tools.
Automation | January 21, 2021
Effectively manage multicloud environments with BigFix
Enterprises have been moving their IT infrastructure from traditional, on-premise data centers to the cloud because of the obvious benefits of the cloud.
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