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Hayden Schmackpfeffer
Product Manager
Hayden Schmackpfeffer guides the development and maintenance of HCL Software's continuous delivery platform, HCL Launch. Hayden has worked as a developer in the continuous delivery space since 2016. He joined HCL Software in 2018.
Posts by Hayden Schmackpfeffer
Secure DevOps | April 13, 2021
What’s New in HCL Launch 
Our continuous delivery platform, HCL Launch, has been updated so it’s easier than ever to deploy software quickly, securely, and smoothly.
Secure DevOps | October 28, 2020
Processes as Code in HCL Launch
One of the new features in HCL Launch is the new “Process as Code” format that allows development teams to define and store their processes in an easily modifiable format.
Secure DevOps | October 27, 2020
What’s new in HCL Launch
Our continuous delivery software, HCL Launch, has new features that make it easier than ever to deploy anything, anywhere. Find out what's new in HCL Launch 7.1.1.
Secure DevOps | August 4, 2020
Boost performance with agent relay caching in HCL Launch
HCL Launch is designed for the enterprise, of course, and provides features that help you grow while remaining performant.
Secure DevOps | June 16, 2020
Introducing HCL Launch
HCL Launch is the continuous delivery piece of the HCL Software DevOps portfolio, and can provide value for your DevOps transformation regardless of the maturity of your ecosystem. 
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