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Gurpreet Singh
QA Manager Unica Interact & COM
Gurpreet Singh is managing QA teams for HCL Interact and Centralized Offer Management, he has more than 16 years of work experience in Software Testing on varied IBM products & technologies. He has been working with the Unica team for last 8+ years and worked on varied Marketing Software(Unica) family product
Posts by Gurpreet Singh
Marketing & Commerce | January 27, 2022
Enabling Offer List in HCL Unica Interact
Understand how marketers can update the offers in the offer list while keeping all the arbitration logic intact using HCL Unica.
Marketing & Commerce | June 9, 2021
Unica Interact – Enhance Event and Event Pattern
Event Pattern is an important component of Interact, and a marketer uses it to track changes in customers’ behavior in real-time and act accordingly.
Marketing & Commerce | October 28, 2020
Identify the best offer using A/B Testing in Unica Interact
The latest marketing technique utilizes two webpage versions: application, offers, email, and marketing asset to analyze and understand which performs better.
Marketing & Commerce | August 15, 2018
Configuring Db Loader with Interact Runtime
​By default, the runtime environment writes contact and response history data from session data into staging tables.
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