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Gordon Patchett
Product Manager for Unica Deliver
Gordon joined Unica in January 2006, during that time he was responsible for professional services delivery throughout the entire project lifecycle. Gordon spent six years looking after Unica’s digital messaging service as a Technical Account Manager where he was responsible for post-sales service delivery and design of digital messaging solutions for enterprise-class customers. In 2020, Gordon was invited to take the role of Product Manager for Unica Deliver, in which he now works full-time. In July 2020, Unica Deliver became available for purchase as part of the Unica 12.1 release.
Posts by Gordon Patchett
Marketing & Commerce | June 2, 2022
Unica Deliver 12.1.3 Release
UNICA deliver 12.1.3 is released; New features focus on managing recipient preferences, communication search, assigning default values, and more.
Marketing & Commerce | March 17, 2022
Marketing and Data Privacy in 2022
Read about Laura and the team experience, highlighting recent changes in data privacy, including how we need to communicate with our customers.
Marketing & Commerce | November 2, 2021
7 Killer Features in Unica Deliver
Unica Deliver has gone through an epic transformation over the past couple of years. Learn more about its capabilities in the new release.
Marketing & Commerce | October 14, 2020
Case Study- Preparing for Success with Unica Deliver
My personal favorite example was when one of our customers consolidated over two hundred newsletter campaigns for individual newspaper publications into a single lights-out campaign.
Marketing & Commerce | September 24, 2020
5 Essential Reasons to Deliver Results with Email Marketing Automation
Email marketing is evolving and still remains one of the most effective channels for running campaigns. Today’s customers want their email communications to be unique, tailored to their needs and behavior.
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