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Federica Gari
WA Techsales
Started working for IBM in 2001 at the IBM Software Laboratory in Rome. She started her career in the L3 Customer Support department for NetView Access Service and Tivoli Decision Support. During these years, she has held various roles in the product development lifecycle. Two of those years, she spent with the development team for IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler. She then became the L3 Customer Support team leader for the same product. She has covered also the role of Transparent Development Program leader for the entire IBM Workload Automation family. She worked in the L2 Customer Support team in HCL company. Her current role Workload Automation Techsales in the HCL Service offering team. She hold's a master's degree in Mathematics.
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Automation | April 8, 2020
No pain, only gain: Smooth migration of your business to next generation automation
Workload Automation (WA) simplifies and accelerates application delivery. It automates and orchestrates application workflows across hybrid environments to satisfy SLAs and improve efficiency and productivity. The top 7 reasons for replacing your scheduling solution with Workload Automation Manages hybrid workflows from a single point of control. Provides a very easy infrastructure to build complex workflows with more than 35 out-of-the-box integrations. It’s highly scalable. It handles millions of transactions in a day. Automates every step between writing code and deploying applications to customers. Runs end-to-end workflows across multi-platform environments and containers. Offers a comprehensive catalog of REST API, which allow a flexible integration with a variety of applications . Enables DevOps collaboration with Zowe, on the zOS platform. Replacing your automation solution with Workload Automation is easy and secure. Take advantage of HCL Center of Excellence in migrations from competition to HWA. The expertise and experience of HCL migration specialists speed up the time to transition and realize a ROI faster. What customers think of HCL WA migration projects Accelerated migration with zero business impact and minimal downtime. Assurance that the workflow behaves as expected and that the same conditions of the legacy solution are respected within Workload Automation. Complete control of the migration project on the customer side: after each step, the flexibility to go back to the previous condition to find the best alternative option and detailed plan for the critical cutover period to the new Workload Automation solution. Identification of new Workload Automation capabilities that increase performance, reliability, serviceability, and scalability. Major competitor solutions for scheduling and automation are covered with a tool that automates the migration minimizing manual intervention. Manual intervention is required to assess specific customer requests about specific customizations made for the original scheduling solution. The HCL WA migration team automates this process with a...
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