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Eva Berrio
Software Engineer
With an important background as Mainframe Application Programmer (COBOL, CICS, and DB2) she has joined the IZWS team in 2019 at HCL Products and Platforms in Rome software development laboratory.
Posts by Eva Berrio
Automation | February 25, 2022
Chatbot Based Integration to Share Data and Collaboratively Solve Issues
Learn how to use HCL Workload Automation for chatbot-based integration to share data and collaboratively solve issues. Read the latest blogs today!
Automation | December 1, 2020
Exploit the new commands available for the WA plugin for Zowe CLI V1.1.0
Zowe and its major components Web UI, API Mediation Layer, and CLI, are likely to become the new interface for the next generation of mainframers.The Zowe framework is the bridge that connects modern applications with the mainframe by providing easier interoperability and scalability among products and solutions offered by multiple vendors. Developers, testers, operators, and any other professional in the mainframe realm can easily create their tools to automate those tasks that usually would be done manually or through mainframe-native tools. They can build, modify, and debug z/OS applications even with limited z/OS expertise.
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