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Ernesto Carrabba
Product Manager
Ernesto Carrabba is the Product Manager for HCL Clara, HCL HERO and HCL Workload Automation. Ernesto is a dynamic product manager with experience building and launching IoT products, who holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has done research on Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Posts by Ernesto Carrabba
Automation | April 20, 2023
HCL Workload Automation Observability for Datadog
Let’s take a look at why we chose Datadog as an additional integration, and then see how this integration works.
Automation | February 3, 2023
Benefits of a Virtual AI Assistant to Your Business
Take your business to the next level with an artificial intelligent assistant! Find out how this powerful technology will make operations efficient and cost-effective.
Automation | December 29, 2022
Are There Any Benefits of Using a Chatbot in Your App
The benefits of using chatbots or virtual assistant software are increasing daily as on-demand messaging has risen rapidly.
Automation | December 15, 2022
HCL Workload Automation Observability for Dynatrace
Gartner has named Dynatrace as a Leader in the 2022 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability. Dynatrace has much more to offer than a simple APM solution
Automation | July 29, 2022
Introducing HCL Automation Power Suite for Z Bundle to Automate More, Better and Smarter
Learn about the recently released HCL AppScan Source 10.0.8. Moreover, it highlights some of the new releases for AppScan V.10.0.8 by product line.
Automation | July 29, 2022
HCL Clara V2 for HCL Workload Automation: a perfect mix of Power and Control
HCL Clara V2.0 has a new look, feel, and functionality to help people interact better and stay productive, and the visual aspect is wholly changed.
Automation | May 17, 2022
HCL Workload Automation Observability for Splunk
HWA 10 introduces AI-powered anomaly detection for workloads and includes observability through open standards to monitor cloud-native environments.
Automation | April 21, 2022
The Advanced Value HCL Workload Automation brings to RPA Solution
HCL Workload Automation is a unified automation platform that covers all angles, from application management cloud transition, migration, etc.
Automation | December 24, 2021
Orchestrating Business Processes with HCL Workload Automation and Axway SecureTransport
Learn about orchestrating business processes with HCL workload automation and axway securetransport. HCL WA automates anything and run anywhere.
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