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Emanuela Zaccone
Product Manager, HCL Workload Automation
Emanuela Zaccone is the HCL Workload Automation Product Manager. She is an experienced marketer with strong product management skills and an addiction to innovation. As Digital Entrepreneur she founded TOK.tv. In 2019 she granted the inventor title by patenting social TV. She completed a PhD between the universities of Bologna (Italy) and Nottingham (UK).
Posts by Emanuela Zaccone
Automation | June 20, 2022
The Dynamic Workload Console is the one-stop automation platform for users across the business
The Dynamic Workload Console (DWC) has become a core platform for workload automation, providing visibility into everything all in one place.
Automation | December 24, 2021
Orchestrating Business Processes with HCL Workload Automation and Axway SecureTransport
Learn about orchestrating business processes with HCL workload automation and axway securetransport. HCL WA automates anything and run anywhere.
Automation | December 21, 2021
Orchestrating Google Cloud Platform with HCL Workload Automation
HWA seamlessly orchestrate complex workflows across multiple platforms and applications, allowing our customer to extend the outreach of automation.
Automation | December 9, 2021
HCL Workload Automation is a Value Leader in EMA’s 2021 Workload Automation Radar Report
Automation Power Suite is the bundle offer comprising HCL Workload Automation, HCL Clara, HCL HERO, and Automation Hub. Read the blog to know more.
Automation | September 22, 2021
HCLSoftware is a Representative Vendor in Gartner® Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms
HCLSoftware has been listed as Representative Vendor for the second year in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms report.
Automation | August 3, 2021
Migrate to HCL Workload Automation with HCL EasyMove
HCL EasyMove is the fast and easy way to migrate to HWA. You can switch from an old legacy automation solution to HWA with experts on board and conversion tools.
Automation | July 20, 2021
HCL Workload Automation is Cloud Native: Introducing HCL Now
HCLSoftware’s cloud-first architecture and deployment make your cloud-native journey easy. Unlock the full potential of your software.
Automation | June 16, 2021
HCL Workload Automation on HCL SoFy – The Operator’s Perspective & Application Architect
Learn how to take advantage of a single access point and control it in a workload automation environment. Read more to know in detail.
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