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Elvira Zanin
Software Engineer Workload Automation Development Team
Elvira Zanin is a Software Engineer on the Workload Automation development team located in HCL Rome Hub. She is currently based in the Workload Automation Support team but she was involved in Test automation team, WebUI and Add-ons development team also. Elvira has experience with Dynamic Workload Console. She completed her degree in Computer Science at University of Salerno and currently lives in Rome, Italy.
Posts by Elvira Zanin
Automation | March 14, 2022
It’s time to enforce the database instance of Workload Automation by upgrading from Oracle12c to Oracle 19c version
Upgrading the version of the relational database used by Workload Automation is always a customer pain point, but you could discover the secret to survive the version changes for Oracle flavor with no downtime.
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