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Head of Marketing, HCL Digital Experience.
Success-driven, innovative, and strategic marketing leader at HCLSoftware. 
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Digital Solutions | April 27, 2023
The Next Big Milestone for Organizations: A Better Employee Experience
A successful employee experience and getting it right requires investing in the right digital experience platform (DXP) — one that connects people across the organization to work, communicate, and collaborate.
Digital Solutions | April 27, 2023
Employee Experience Is Key to Digital Transformation Success
While just about every company today has a digital transformation strategy, most struggle to generate successful outcomes.
Digital Solutions | November 8, 2022
Why Every Public Sector Organization Needs a Modern DX Platform 
Read the blog to know more how the digital experience (DX) platforms that can deliver a modern consumer experience for traditionally bureaucratic processes.
Digital Solutions | November 17, 2021
DX Transform Was … Truly Transformative
Customers’ interactions and personalized actions should connect them to the information and expertise essential to getting the help they need and ultimately drives growth.
Digital Solutions | March 30, 2021
Actionable Insights Now Part of HCL Digital Experience
HCL Digital Experience provides a secure, personalized experience integrating content, applications, and processes from various systems into a singular experience.
Digital Solutions | December 7, 2020
What Is a Content Management System? And Why Are They so Important for Today’s Enterprise Organizations?
CMS provides half of all websites are built, unless you’re a brilliant developer and built a site from scratch, which is impressive, but highly time-consuming & impractical.
Digital Solutions | November 19, 2020
HCL Digital Experience. Business Critical at the Speed of Cloud.
HCL DX is making it faster and easier than ever to deploy business-critical digital experiences. Learn about new capabilities, including hybrid cloud.
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