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Deepali Kalavade
Senior Technical Lead
Deepali is a Senior Technical lead for Unica L2 Support. She is also a Client Advocate for many customers and has worked in the engineering team for various Unica products. She has more than 16 years of industry experience and is associated with Unica for the last 14 years.
Posts by Deepali Kalavade
Marketing & Commerce | August 19, 2022
Unica Interact Cross Section Contact Response
Learn how HCL Unica Interact can track Contact and Response events across sessions, this is achieved by enabling the ‘Cross Session’ feature for Unica Interact.
Marketing & Commerce | October 21, 2021
Interact Triggered Message Integration with Apache Kafka
Unica Interact Triggered Message capability is popular. When a Triggered Message rule is activated, the corresponding Marketing message is sent to Dispatcher.
Marketing & Commerce | October 6, 2021
Real Time Personalized Outbound Messages with Unica Interact and Deliver Integration
Unica Interact’s Triggered Message functionality a marketer can acquire, engage and retain customers by presenting them with offers.
Marketing & Commerce | September 29, 2021
Linked Audience Sessions in Unica Interact
Unica Interact can handle child sessions inside a parent session and multiple audiences in the same session. To learn more about the embedded sessions, reach out to us.
Marketing & Commerce | June 16, 2021
Unica Collaborate – Lists and On Demand Campaigns
Unica collaborate three significant components to achieve local and corporate marketing. Learn how lists and on-demand campaigns can be leveraged to perform local marketing.
Marketing & Commerce | April 7, 2021
Unica Interact – Real-Time Attributes
Real-time attributes are available globally and across interactive channels. Let’s learn the step-by-step usage of real-time attributes in Unica Interact.
Marketing & Commerce | December 18, 2020
Seamless communication between Unica Interact and Unica Journey
Unica Interact can seamlessly leverage Unica Journey's capability to establish a continuous dialog with customers. It helps marketers to establish a meaningful relationships.
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