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Deborah Matyi
Unica Senior Technical Support Engineer
Deborah is presently a Level 2 Senior Technical Support Engineer for Unica products and has been for over 10 years, starting her Unica career at Unica Corporation in 2010. She acts as the owner of client issues from submission to resolution. She has worked with Unica clients to ensure smooth installations/upgrades, provides an analysis of problems with workarounds and solutions, and has even assisted in troubleshooting environmental issues related to web application servers, networks, databases, and more. She has a strong knowledge of all products in the Unica suite/family as well as integrations of those products with other 3rd party tools and applications such as those from Acoustic and IBM.
Posts by Deborah Matyi
Marketing & Commerce | April 29, 2020
Understanding Campaign Listener Clustering and Listener Failover – Part 2
With the introduction of Clustered listener setups in Campaign, you have to think of them as a setup with multiple independently operating listener nodes that are being directed requests from a centralized entity.
Marketing & Commerce | April 21, 2020
Understanding Campaign Listener Clustering and Listener Failover – Part 1
To understand how Campaign Listener clustering and its use in failover work, you should first understand how the Campaign listener works in general.
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