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Davide Malpassini
Workload Automation Technical Lead
Davide joined HCL in September 2019 as the Technical Lead working on the IBM Workload Automation product suite. He has 14 years of experience in software development and was tasked with the extension of the Workload Automation product from a Kubernetes native environment to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and the REST API for the Workload Automation engine. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering.
Posts by Davide Malpassini
Automation | October 30, 2020
Docker Compose and Workload Automation containers: the 3 “S” joint venture
Are you familiar with docker-compose in the Workload Automation (WA) deployment process? It’s about time you started using it to deploy Workload Automation containers. The 3 “S” joint venture of WA, along with Docker Compose, stand by the following slogans: Simplicity?Not more than 5 steps. Speed?Just enough time for a coffee break. Security?No worries, we take care of everything.
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