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David Williams
Solution Architect - Unica
David is an architect at heart– he loves organizing software to simplify things for customers and help customers succeed. David has his roots in large-scale enterprise development, contributing and leading projects like the Hong Kong airport flight information system, extending his reach to enterprise-level architecture in government, banking, and retail. David spent most of his years with Rational Software (bought by IBM in 2003) and joined HCL in September 2017. David settled with the Unica team in September 2019. As part of the Unica team, David has been focusing on how Unica can benefit from Cloud Native, factory, and microservice technologies to play a wider role in the world of Digital Transformation.  David has a growing passion for Unica and seeks to make Unica a stronger element for customer success.
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Marketing & Commerce | April 28, 2021
Unica is available on the HCLSoftware Solution Factory!
If you haven’t, you really should meet SoFy, which is HCLSoftware’s Solution Factory! It is another major step in Unica’s Cloud Native Journey. So, you may be thinking: what, how, why? Glad you asked: WHAT: SoFy provides access to dozens of HCLSoftware products and services! Products, including: Application Security, Databases, Integration, Testing, Workload Automation, Configuration Management, and now – Unica! Services, including: Data Stores, Scheduler, Code Security Scanning, Data Mapper, Test Engine, and Data Synthesis. HOW: SoFy provides enterprise-grade technologies that are exposed through: Dynamic deployable microservices. Accessed through well-designed REST APIs. Leveraging modern container and orchestration technologies. Integrated with smart common Services. WHY: SoFy provides bespoke solutions at your finger-tips that: It can be rapidly deployed to any cloud environment. Easily secured, monitored, and managed. Provide simple, consumption-based licensing. Once logged into SoFy, the fun can begin! With SoFy, you can: 1) Explore: A catalog of Products and REST APIs that are enabled for Kubernetes as Docker images and Helm charts, 2) Create: A set of microservice SoFy tools to help users discover and combine those APIs and products into SoFy solutions, including: a) A list APIs & products, generate solution Helm chart, deploy into test cluster and b) A simple GUI over these services, including Swagger UI for REST API documentation and 3) Release: A set of common SoFy services that run inside a SoFy solution, providing consistent setup & management of the solution. Accessing SoFy Getting started with SoFy is easy! SoFy presents as a web application available via any Web Browser.  As with any web application, users – customers, partners, and HCL staff – need to “sign up” for SoFy. You can go directly to the Register for SoFy page using the following link: The screenshot below displays the sign-up page. Also, you can go to...
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