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Dan Wolff
Director of Solutions and Product Marketing for BigFix
Dan Wolff is the Director of Solutions and Product Marketing for BigFix, responsible for all global go-to-market strategy and programs. Previously, he was Director of Cloud Security Product Management in IBM’s Security Division, driving new cloud security offerings from concept to launch across IBM. Previously, Dan was McAfee’s Director of Products for Endpoint Security, responsible for enterprise endpoint security products. He is a recognized security expert with over 18 years of security product management and product marketing experience.
Posts by Dan Wolff
Automation | February 6, 2023
Zero Trust Security: How To Get Your Endpoints Ready
The attacks that exploited the Log4J vulnerability illustrated that malicious actors work quickly to find new ways of compromising organizations. This trend has been growing for several years, making it clear that organizations need to detect and respond to threats much faster than traditional, perimeter-based approaches allow. That’s why both the government and the private sectors have been embracing the paradigm shift to Zero Trust security.
Automation | November 7, 2022
Viewing Endpoint Management Through a Security Lens
On November 8th, the HCL BigFix team launched some of the most innovative security-related capabilities in our history.
Automation | April 22, 2022
Is Patch Tuesday Dead?
The power and flexibility of BigFix’s intelligent automation can leverage Windows Autopatch in new and productive ways.
Automation | March 29, 2022
Google Chrome vulnerability threatens nearly 83% of the worlds endpoints – How BigFix can help 
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are forcing both companies to push emergency updates to address this critical issue. For more information, read this blog.
Automation | March 23, 2022
BigFix Extended Patch Expands Remediation Content to Hundreds of Third-party Software Titles 
BigFix Extended Patch is included with the BigFix Lifecycle and Compliance suites and will continually expand to add more over time. Read to know more.
Automation | December 14, 2021
Log4j: Putting Effective IT Operations at Center Stage
Apache Log4j has been embedded in hundreds of Internet services and products from companies worldwide, including Apple, Amazon, etc. Read to know more.
Automation | November 23, 2021
BigFix Redefines Unified Endpoint Management
BigFix’s initial entry into UEM, recognized in analyst research, redefines the category as the only provider of unified server, desktop, and mobile endpoint management.
Automation | October 5, 2021
BigFix is Windows 11 Ready!
HCL announced that BigFix is Windows 11 ready for the Microsoft launch. BigFix enables enterprises to assess, seamlessly deploy and secure Windows 11.
Automation | July 26, 2021
The Moonshot, The Smartphone, Unified IT Operations and Unintended Benefits
IT Operations perform critical functions such as employee enablement, business software distribution, and reducing corporate attack surface available to attackers.
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