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Dan Allen
Product Marketing Manager, HCL Digital Solutions
Posts by Dan Allen
Digital Solutions | September 14, 2021
Why You Need HCL Connections to Help Transform Employee Communications
Employee communication drives engagement and contributes to employee satisfaction, productivity, collaboration, and your business’s success. Read to know more.
Digital Solutions | March 30, 2021
Why Connections Communities Are Critical for Project Teams Success
Learn how collaboration and communication are so important. Project teams are critical to getting work done, and their productivity is key to success.
Digital Solutions | February 1, 2021
HCL Connections v7 Is Here
HCL Connections v7 drives efficiencies for teams that are working remotely and enables employees to get project teams up and to run more quickly.
Digital Solutions | October 8, 2020
Why Video is More Essential Now than Ever in the Digital Workplace
As more and more teams are working remotely in digital workplaces, making news and content immediately accessible is more important than ever to both companies and their employees.
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