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Cyril Englert
Solution Architect
With over 35 years in Information Technology, my experience have included development, project management, sales and technical support, and business consulting. As an IBM and HCL Business Value Consultant, I help organizations build compelling business cases and financial justications. I support the BigFix Marketing organization as a technical writer and blogger.
Posts by Cyril Englert
Automation | February 28, 2023
US Federal Government Exerts Authority in Cybersecurity: Impacts Felt Around the World
Here, we highlight each of these actions and describe how HCL BigFix supports the government’s (and any organization’s) initiatives to strengthen the ability to prevent cyberattacks.
Automation | February 8, 2023
Oracle Increases Prices for Java – Look to BigFix for a Solution
To help our customers navigate this Oracle change, BigFix Inventory can identify which machines have Oracle Java to avoid unexpected license compliance issues.
Automation | February 8, 2023
Large-Scale Ransomware Campaign Exploits a Two-Year-Old VMware Vulnerability
The attack campaigns appear to be exploiting CVE-2021-21974 for which a patch has been available since February 23, 2021. Systems running ESXi versions 7.0, 6.7 and 6.5 are currently being targeted and pose the greatest threat.
Automation | January 4, 2023
BigFix Support for Popular Databases and Middleware
BigFix users can enjoy unified patch management by using a single platform for deploying database and middleware patches as they do with other BigFix-supported software and operating systems.
Automation | October 17, 2022
Users Name BigFix a Leader in Endpoint Management; Blows Away the Competition 
HCL BigFix was just named a leader in Endpoint Management, blowing away its main competition in 6 of 7 categories. 
Automation | October 4, 2022
October Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month October to raise the importance of internet security and cybersecurity measures for businesses and consumers.
Automation | August 23, 2022
Increasing Cyber Threats Warrant Faster Vulnerability Remediation
HCL BigFix empowers you to get ahead of the latest threats and exploits using our continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation.
Automation | August 11, 2022
Network Chuck discusses how to reduce cyber stress and pain of endpoint management
Hear from Network Chuck what he says about cyber breaches, the impact of losing data on the dark web, and how IT teams can collaborate with HCL Bigfix.
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