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Casey Cannady
Enterprise Architect
Casey joins HCL as an Enterprise Architect on the BigFix Lab Services team. Casey has more than 20 years of experience in IT and the security industry. Previously he was a BigFix Architect and Senior Consultant at CBI. Prior to that he managed a huge BigFix implementation at Kroger for nearly five years, which he built from the ground up. Being very well-known in the BigFix community, Casey has played an instrumental part in development of new features added to BigFix over the years. He has unmatched skills in all complex areas of BigFix: Design & Architecture, Performance Tuning, Custom Content, Custom Integrations, Relevance, Server Automation Tasks, and many more. Casey has presented research and case studies at IBM Pulse and InterConnect conferences on several occasions.
Posts by Casey Cannady
Automation | September 3, 2020
Understanding BigFix: The Premier Endpoint Patch Solution
Avail of the core capabilities of HCL BigFix. It supports effective patching of over 90+ different OS, including Windows, Linux, macOS, UNIX, and more
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