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Bryce Connors
Practice Leader - Unica Professional Services
Bryce is a Unica heritage, having joined Unica in April 2000, joined IBM in September 2010 via the IBM acquisition of Unica, and he joined HCL on September 2017 as part of the IP Partnership for Unica. In his time with Unica Services, Bryce has held the following roles: Business Solutions Consultant, Solution Delivery Leader, Engagement Manager, and Practice Leader. He is passionate about Unica and helping customers achieve success with their implementations of Unica.
Posts by Bryce Connors
Marketing & Commerce | July 30, 2020
Unica V12.1 = 4; Are You Ready for More?
Just three months after releasing Unica V12.0, our amazing engineering and product management teams have released Unica V12.1!  All of us on the Unica Professional Services team are extremely excited about the new capabilities. We can’t wait to show Unica end-users everything they will now be enabled to do... but since we can’t cover everything in one article, here’s the rundown! Today, we’re going to illustrate how Unica V12.1 harnesses the power of the number 4. This means we’re going to show you 4 key features of our new integrated cloud-native platform and 4 functions that make each of the 4 features work! Key Features: Goal-Based Marketing orchestrated by Unica Journey. Digital Execution at Scale powered by Unica Deliver. Integration Made Easy with Unica Link. Of course, let’s not forget – there is more with Unica 12.1 A/B Testing and FlexOffers with Interact. Workflow simplified & more powerful, plus REST API Swagger with Plan. Goal-Based Marketing 1. Introductory Use-Case Of course, all marketing campaigns have a goal; increase revenue, sell x units of y product, have an ROI of n%, but what about marketing campaigns that have much more focused goals? As an example, let’s take a look at campaigns with milestones based on the completion of specific customer activities. In the credit card industry, the target goal may be to attain a certain number of transactions within the first month of a customer opening their account. To achieve that, after being approved, the customer must: 1) receive the credit card in the mail, 2) active their new card, and 3) start making purchases. There could also be many more customer activities along the way that leads to them completing the number of transactions within their first month of receiving their card. That is what we call Goal-Based Marketing! 2....
Marketing & Commerce | April 16, 2020
12 Things We Love About Unica v12.0. Which one will be your team’s reason to upgrade?
For the past 20 years, I have been a part of the Unica Professional Services Team, first at Unica, then at IBM via the Unica acquisition and now at HCL via Unica divestiture from IBM. In all that time, I don’t believe I’ve been more excited about a new major release of Unica! There are many great things (or should I say 800 reasons) coming with Unica v12, but I want to call your attention to the 12 things we on the Unica Professional Services Team really love about v12.0. If you haven't checked the v12.0 GA webinar. Just follow the link, and after a quick registration form, you'll be able to view the webinar recording. Register Here The reason I am personally so excited about these 12 items is that each item has been requested directly by customers, and they are so excited to see these features added to Unica. So let's jump in, here's our top 12 list, in no particular order. 1.  Centralized Offer Management (COM) As many of our customers have told us that in their organization the folks that build offers are not the folks that build the campaign flowcharts, to accommodate these request and others we have established a Centralized Offer Management (COM), for centralizing and integrating offers with other channels, across the Unica Portfolio. We gathered the feedback from other Unica end-users who want to build the offer once and then be able to deploy the same offer both on batch outbound campaigns & on real-time inbound channels. Centralized Offer Management (COM) meets both of those needs. Offers can now be created without an offer template. This means that offers can be assembled using offer attributes and tested out before needing to create a template. Only after you’ve used and determined the correct...
Marketing & Commerce | May 8, 2018
Why I am excited about the HCL-IBM Partnership
  ​Hello, let me introduce myself… My name is Bryce Connors and I joined a small software company named Unica Corporation on April 3, 2000.   I have been a part of “Unica” since that date.   When Unica was acquired by IBM in 2010, I became an IBMer and the Unica products became known as IBM Marketing Software.   On September 1, 2017, I joined HCL as part of the HCL/IBM Partnership for the IBM Marketing Software offerings – including the Campaign, Interact, Contact Optimization and Marketing Operations modules.   For the past 18 years, I have been involved in services delivery for the Marketing Software Suite (formally, known as Unica).   I’ve been so involved at and with Unica, that one of my Unica colleagues nicknamed me the “Mayor of Unica”. ​ I started with Unica as a Business Solutions Consultant, helping marketers become productive end-users of the software – Campaign was the only module at that time.   From there I managed Unica services engagements, first as a Project Manager and later as an Engagement Manager. I have been a Practice Leader of the Unica services practice at IBM and have that same role today at HCL. During this time, I’ve not only seen my career grow but that of others; both my colleagues and those at customers as well.   I’m very excited and proud to be at HCL and part of the HCL/IBM Partnership for the Marketing Software Suite. I have witnessed first hand the early benefits of the partnership and am excited to be part of the team that will help fulfill the benefits of this partnership for our existing and future customers. ​HCL/IBM Partnership for IBM Marketing Software ​Using the above slide, let me review the key highlights and share my first-hand perspective. 01 - IBM and HCL have entered...