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Brian Stump
Product Specialist
Brian Stump is a product specialist with the HCLSoftware DevOps group, focusing on the HCL Accelerate and HCL Launch products.
Posts by Brian Stump
Secure DevOps | August 31, 2020
How to map and trace changes to an SAP application using HCL Accelerate
HCL Accelerate, you can track the whole software delivery process from backlog to production. Learn how to track an SAP application’s journey using HCL Accelerate.
Secure DevOps | August 7, 2020
Adding Security to Continuous Delivery
HCL Launch and AppScan on Cloud (ASoC) allow us to automate control of our application security within our overall DevOps lifecycle.
Secure DevOps | July 31, 2020
Release Management with HCL Accelerate and ServiceNow
Release management is fundamental to making changes to enterprise software environments, whether those changes are toward applications or infrastructure.
Secure DevOps | July 23, 2020
Get to know HCL Launch
HCL Launch is an enterprise-grade continuous delivery solution built to deploy anything, anywhere. Find out what sets HCL Launch apart.
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