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Brian Chaput
Associate Vice President, Offering Management, HCL Digital Experience Software
Brian Chaput leads the product offering team for HCL Digital Experience software. He has over 30 years of technical product marketing, product management and sales experience. Brian previously held roles at IBM in professional services, marketing and as IBM Alliance Director for Bowstreet, which was acquired by IBM in 2005.
Posts by Brian Chaput
Cloud Native | June 8, 2020
Cloud Native for Business-Critical Digital Experiences
Cloud-native computing is revolutionizing software delivery, implementation and maintenance — and the benefits to organizations are too compelling to ignore.
Digital Solutions | May 1, 2020
HCL Digital Experience: Rising Above and Exceeding Expectations
And for those companies that may wonder if we are continuing to invest in this space, I can enthusiastically say, YES!  We continue to grow our worldwide team of developers (which has almost doubled in 9 months) and invest significantly in releasing new capabilities to the market every few weeks.  Check out the latest blogs for our March and April updates to learn more.  We also work closely with our customers and partners to include their feedback and suggestions to directly affect the prioritization of new capabilities that will be added — going as far as to invite them to our monthly sprint calls with the development team.  We are invested in our customer success — and proving it.
Digital Solutions | April 6, 2020
Digital Experiences Matter. Especially in Times of Crisis
When you need to digitize your business processes and take your business-critical applications online, you need HCL Digital Experience. We are here to help.
Digital Solutions | March 26, 2020
Staying Connected is More important than Ever
At HCL, we are proud to see the strides our teams, customers, and partners are making to continuously communicate and inform their audiences of the latest developments of COVID-19, and how they can be better prepared.
Digital Solutions | September 30, 2019
Introducing HCL DX 9.5: Future-Proof Your Business through Powerful Simplicity
You know that the future of your business relies on the technology decisions you make today. And you know you need a digital experience transformation platform that is robust enough, secure enough, and modern enough to evolve and meet the needs of your business — as well as all your business users and customers.
Digital Solutions | September 9, 2019
Docker? Kuber-what? HCL is reinventing DX with containerization (and why you should care!)
Since there’s been a lot of buzz around it, you no doubt know Docker provides an open standard for packaging and distributing containerized applications – the benefits of which are many for any business that adopts the approach, such as rapid install, on virtually any platform, and isolation that makes software/container updates a snap.
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