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Brad Sexton
Technical Advisor
Brad Sexton is a Technical Advisor on the BigFix team. Brad began using BigFix in 2014 as a BigFix administrator for a global engineering company migrating from SCCM. Before joining HCLSoftware, Brad worked at IBM Security as a Sales Engineer.
Posts by Brad Sexton
Automation | September 26, 2022
How to Simplify In-place Windows Upgrades using BigFix
Read out this blog to know how using BigFix, the process is easier, more full-proof, and faster, in fact, BigFix can complete the upgrade within minutes.
Automation | June 22, 2022
Best Practices for Patching Workstations
BigFix Technical Advisor has recently published a blog about best patching practices using BigFix. Read here to know more.
Automation | September 28, 2021
Simplify Device Driver and BIOS updates with BigFix
BigFix effectively provides the visibility and control necessary to keep device drivers and BIOS firmware current. For more information, visit HCL BigFix.
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