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Ben Dixon
BigFix Technical Marketing Manager & Evangelist
Ben is the BigFix Technical Marketing Manager & BigFix Evangelist and had been working with BigFix since 2014. He has over 30 years’ experience in security configuration and management, ranging from physical security and information security to systems and operational security. Ben has spent the past 20 years working with most of the asset, endpoint, and lifecycle management products on the market, and has a broad knowledge of these tools, and a deep understanding of the security and operational requirements most companies face when choosing a management platform. Ben retired from the military in 2006 after over 27 years’ active and reserve service, ranging Field Artillery with the US Army to managing Defense Support for Civil Authorities for US Joint Forces Command, to Concept Development & Experimentation with the US Joint Staff.
Posts by Ben Dixon
Automation | December 2, 2020
Three Technology Trends for 2021: the Future is Here with BigFix
BigFix Three terms describe-Real-time visibility, Rapid response, and Continuous enforcement. For more information about BigFix, visit BigFix.com.
Automation | November 3, 2020
Worried About Getting TrickBot-ed and Ryuk-ed? BigFix Provides Crucial Defense and Remediation Capabilities
Worried About Getting TrickBot-ed and Ryuk-ed? Ryuk is the last phase of a multiphase attack, preceded by the TrickBot Trojan. Read more.
Automation | October 30, 2020
BigFix Days Virtual User Conference
BigFix Days Virtual User Conference allows BigFix users to connect with the HCL BigFix team in a lively, interactive setting. Read more.
Automation | October 13, 2020
Using BigFix for Security Configuration Management
Configuration Management was defined in 1991 as change management, specifically in software engineering. Read more about Security Configuration Management.
Automation | September 23, 2020
Avoid a Crisis, Stay in Patch Compliance with BigFix!
Visibility, Response, and Enforcement are three great tools to reinforce your compliance posture. For more information about BigFix, visit https://www.hcltechsw.com/bigfix.
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