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Arlene Kim
Product Marketing Manager
Arlene works on marketing strategy and implementation for HCLSoftware DevOps and Data Management products. She has professional experience in product marketing, content development, web content management, and digital marketing.
Posts by Arlene Kim
Cloud Native | July 20, 2021
Become the Best Cloud Native Database
Learn about Performance testing benchmark results and superior features that make OneDB the best choice for HCL Unica and HCL Commerce customers.
Cloud Native | July 20, 2021
Experience a Cloud Native integration with HCL Link
Use cloud data integration, data quality, and data governance. HCL Link helps connect apps to the data needed to run and transform your business.
Secure DevOps | July 8, 2021
We Build What You Want
HCL Compass will share new offerings and the extensive enhancements made for the product to help better achieve your performance goals.
Data Management | April 20, 2021
Integrate with HCL Link in April
HCL Link and HCL Domino Volt have a low-code capability, making it easy to develop robust, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications.
Data Management | January 13, 2021
Join the exclusive look inside HCL Link
HCL Link enables users to activate their data by empowering the right applications and people with right data at the right time. Read additional information about HCL Link.
Cloud Native | November 19, 2020
Powering Cloud-Native Apps with OneDB
Learn about a strategy for managing the growing demands of continuous data and supporting cloud-native app development at today's rate. Read more.
Data Management | November 13, 2020
Introducing HCL Link 1.1
HCL Software is proud to announce the release of HCL Link version 1.1, part of HCL Software’s data management portfolio. HCL Link (formerly known as HCL Integration Platform) is a modernized tool to help enterprises solve multifaceted data integration problems. This code-free solution provides the ability to connect to the source or target application(s) of the relevant data and then perform complex data transformation.
Data Management | September 11, 2020
Introducing HCL OneDB
HCLSoftware introduced HCL OneDB, a new Cloud-native database with multi-model capability and automated management functions. Learn more..
Secure DevOps | September 2, 2020
A word from Semiwiki: Compass edition
Learn why Semiwiki highly recommends” watching the HCL Compass webinar. Get comprehensive answers and reviews on HCL Compass by Semiwiki.
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