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Anne Marie Lafond
Senior Product Manager for HCL Commerce
Posts by Anne Marie Lafond
Marketing & Commerce | July 6, 2022
Why marketplaces are better as part of a unified commerce solution
Marketplaces have a common need for online sellers, and marketplace sellers take on most of the cost and risk. Learn about built-in marketplace capability.
Marketing & Commerce | April 12, 2022
HCL Commerce Marketplace – Our Preview is Live!
Learn about our recent release of v9.1.10 of HCL Commerce, which is now live with a preview of our upcoming Marketplace. Read this blog to know more.
Marketing & Commerce | October 19, 2021
Native Marketplaces in HCL Commerce
Know how marketplaces have been a hot topic lately, fueled by the pandemic pushing more buying online or simply because it makes it easier to work with partners.
Marketing & Commerce | May 11, 2021
Optimized Business and User Experience
We need to ensure that our customers, who are interacting with the product daily, can leverage and make full use of the features. Read more.
Marketing & Commerce | March 23, 2021
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Capability in HCL Commerce
The latest version of HCL Commerce, v9.1.6, with the new version of CSR capability, focused on a functional replacement of the CSR capability from the Aurora storefront.
Marketing & Commerce | December 17, 2020
Our Business User Tooling Journey – What’s Next?
The new release of HCL Commerce v9.1.4 finished the first part of the tooling journey and took the next steps. Read about pretty impressive Console, etc.
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