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Angela Diorio
Commerce Business Manager
Posts by Angela Diorio
Marketing & Commerce | September 16, 2020
Coronavirus, eCommerce and Shifting Supply and Demand.
We have all been forced to learn about supply and demand – when there is little supply and the demand is high, it will cause prices to increase.
Marketing & Commerce | July 1, 2020
A Solution to Adding Cash Flow – Without Cutting Budget
HCL announced its strategic partnership with Google. Google Cloud will be HCL preferred cloud platform and HCL will be Google’s preferred commerce solution.
Marketing & Commerce | May 5, 2020
The Intersection of Digital Commerce and EDI
While working within the logistics industry, I watched my customers spend many hours going back and forth with their partners to see what was available to them. Once they found the part they were looking for, the process would often push the order through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) order. However what happens all too frequently is that after they push the order through, they would get a call or an email saying, “that part in no longer in stock, please try our distributors”.   It made me think:  How long does it take to search through a vendor catalog to find the part that is needed?  After the part is found, how many follow-ups are done to check on the order status?   Sure there are EDI transactions to handle this interaction, but throughout the years and countless tries to adapt available technologies, people are staying in their comfort zone  - manually processing orders. Why should people change when it so often feels like the process of an EDI takes longer than the manual process. EDI has a significant role in a lot of companies, but that role is diminishing; with greater focus on lowering cost of sale and increasing revenue, businesses are seeking out a better solution, one that engages and informs both the buyer and the seller. That solution is B2B eCommerce.    People have believed and have been told that EDI is part of their digital strategy but really it is a small piece in the overall evolution to being a digital first organization. EDI has its place and is a good buying tool for orders that are large and recurring. But B2B eCommerce goes a step further, empowering business to deal with those ad-hoc scenarios where products and order management processes are complex. An eCommerce solution helps...
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