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Andy Bossley
Director of Marketing HCLSoftware
Recognized by Forbes on the 2017 "30 Under 30" list for marketing and advertising, Andy is the Head of Marketing for HCL's Digital Solutions business unit and responsible for global marketing of HCL's portfolio of collaboration products — from application development to email and chat — used by millions of people globally. Previously Andy oversaw marketing for Watson Work, IBM's AI-based collaboration portfolio, and ran global marketing campaigns for IBM's point-of-view to all tech CIOs. He also has a background running integrated marketing for National Instruments, a multi-billion-dollar engineering technology company.
Posts by Andy Bossley
Digital Solutions | March 24, 2020
Let’s Stay Connected … Even While We Are Physically Distancing
With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are in uncharted territory around the world. We want you to know that HCL Digital Solutions is here to help in any way we can. We are committed to being flexible, responsive, and available. While most of our teams are working from home — to ensure the well-being of our employees, customers, and partners — we are committed to helping with any special circumstances you may have. If you need help during this time, please reach out to your customer success or sales representative so we can navigate this together. With constraint also comes creativity, and we have been impressed, heartened, and moved by so many stories we are hearing from people everywhere. As we all stretch outside of normal routines, and work together to blend work and home life, we are forced to think differently, act more creatively, and be more compassionate to those who need extra help. We will be posting a series of blogs and stories about how our teams at HCL Digital Solutions are adapting, what new ways of working and processes we are putting in place, and how we are continuing our momentum and delivering on our commitments. Follow us here and on Twitter for updates. But first we want to hear your stories. We want to learn your tips. We want to know how you and your organizations and teams have adapted to this “new normal.” We want to know coping strategies you’ve developed professionally, personally, and technologically. We also want to share these stories with other customers and partners, so we can all help each other get through this new, strange, and sometimes difficult time … together. Tell us your stories. Don’t worry about fancy wording — we will polish things up before we publish. We want this...
Digital Solutions | December 18, 2019
HCL Domino: Software for the Next Decade and Beyond
It’s not often in one’s career that you get tapped to take over marketing for a legendary portfolio of products. A portfolio with a history so astounding that even just one of its products, HCL Domino, single-handedly invented some of the essential IT technologies still used today. You see, HCL Domino was a NoSQL database before NoSQL was ubiquitous. It was a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform before RAD was even a thing, and it was and still is adored and used by millions of people globally.
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