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Andrew Manby
Vice President of Product Management
Andrew Manby is the Vice President of Product Management in HCL Software's Digital Solutions business unit. He is responsible for product and market strategy of the multi-million dollar Domino and Sametime portfolios including Safelinx and Atlas. Andrew is an experienced product and marketing leader, having had senior roles in analytics, data management, and data integration markets for organizations such as Vmark Software, Informix, Ascential Software, and IBM.
Posts by Andrew Manby
Digital Solutions | May 2, 2023
Announcement: Volt MX Unleashes Citizen Development
We’re expanding Volt MX, our multiexperience low-code platform, with proven citizen development capabilities. Already recognized by leading analysts for its outstanding low-code support for professional developers, Volt MX is now enabling citizen developers to build apps in minutes alongside IT on a single governed platform.
Digital Solutions | January 16, 2023
The Future of App Development: Volt MX v9.5 Release
Get an intro to the powerful capabilities of our platform, or dive right into the latest features and demos.
Digital Solutions | December 13, 2022
Why Super Apps Matter to Your Business
This blog post will show how it can both supercharge your multi experience app development strategy and harness new opportunities for your business.
Digital Solutions | January 6, 2022
Why Low Code Will Not Kill DevOps – It Makes It Stronger
Thousands of medium to large enterprises adopted low code rather than expecting low-code platforms for professional development to replace the DevOps model.
Digital Solutions | October 14, 2020
Meet HCL Volt MX: A Game-Changer for Your Business
HCL Volt MX low-code platform lets developers build multi-experience consumer-grade apps rapidly and empowers you to deliver highly contextualized experiences.
Digital Solutions | April 23, 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Domino Volt
On April 16, we hosted the official Domino Volt launch webcast. Nearly 1,500 people signed up for the webinar, and we had almost 1,000 live attendees. You can always watch the replay here.
Digital Solutions | April 2, 2020
How to Make Domino Deployment and Monitoring Radically Easier
We recently hosted a webinar co-hosted with Panopta, our partner, on how to create a controlled, efficient Domino deployment (regardless of where you want your servers).  Panopta helps IT teams easily manage large-scale infrastructure monitoring from a single pane of glass, regardless of infrastructure deployment. Panopta works with us to create pre-built Domino dashboards for immediate insight into the most relevant health metrics, automated runbooks to minimize repetitive manual triage, and built-in thresholds and easy dynamic alerting and triage. If you’re interested in a trial, sign up here. Those of you who joined learned how to get complete visibility of your Domino servers' key health metrics in easy-to-use dashboards, ensure the right person is notified in case of any health or performance issues, and solve problems with automated remediation instead of manual intervention. The webinar was well-attended, and great questions were asked. We provide the questions and answers here. Q. Is there an on-premises-only version of Panopta?  A. No, it’s cloud-only. Q. Do you need to have Domino v11 to use the solution?  A. Panopta works with Domino v10, Domino v11 and hopefully well into the future! Q. Can you comment on overlaps with native Domino features (e.g. Domino Domain Monitoring) and whether the best tool for the job has been clearly identified?  A. There are many tools out there to monitor Domino and other infrastructure besides that can be a good fit depending on your team and their appetite for manual work. Our value at Panopta is having monitoring experts do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and having this first-class integration with Domino. Q. What is the raw data regarding Domino server? How do you gather the real-time Domino data?   A. Domino outputs metrics that we're set up to read and stream back to the cloud...
Digital Solutions | March 31, 2020
What’s New in HCL Domino v11.0.1 and Sametime
HCLSoftware is pleased to announce a new release of HCL Domino and an upcoming fix pack for HCL Sametime. The launch of v11 represented a major milestone in HCL’s commitment to the Domino and Sametime roadmaps and our community. We’ve focused these enhancements on feedback from our beta testers and your ideas from the Aha! Portal. Domino v11.0.1 now available for download on FlexNet and Sametime v11.0 FP1 will be available early April. HCL Domino v11.0.1 Highlights Group 1 languages packs Domino Docker Image based on RHEL UBI Security improvements to core Domino AppDev Pack 1.0.4 HCL Enterprise Integrator for Domino supports v10 and v11 Domino versions Notes v11.0.1 improvements Sametime v11.0 FP1 Highlights New Mobile HCL Sametime v11 apps for iOS and Android HCL Sametime proxy support for mobile clients Stand-alone HCL Sametime Community Mux install Install support for Linux console and sample files for silent Translation updates HCL Domino and Notes v11.0.1 Group 1 Language Packs The following languages are available in the HCL Domino language pack: Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Details of when Group 1 Language Packs will be available on v11.0.1 will be announced shortly. Docker on Docker Linux Image HCL Domino 11.0.1 includes a Docker-compatible Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) of Domino that is part of your entitlement and available for download through the HCL Licensing Portal. HCL Domino 11.0.1 is pre-installed on this image, allowing you to deploy Domino servers as containers with just a few commands. Thank you to those who upvoted this idea! TCO Improvements Auto Update (AUT) servers now support future upgrades of HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) clients and we’ve made DAOS Tier2 configuration improvements. Also, we have updated the version of MarvelClient Essentials from panagenda that comes with Notes...
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