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Associate Vice President of Product Management for HCL Software's Digital Solutions
Andrew Manby is the Associate Vice President of Product Management in HCL Software's Digital Solutions business unit. He is responsible for product and market strategy of the multi-million dollar Domino and Sametime portfolios including Safelinx and Atlas. Andrew is an experienced product and marketing leader, having had senior roles in analytics, data management, and data integration markets for organizations such as Vmark Software, Informix, Ascential Software, and IBM.
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Digital Solutions | January 6, 2022
Why Low Code Will Not Kill DevOps – It Makes It Stronger
While its roots can be traced back to rapid-application development (RAD), low-code application development started to gain serious momentum about three years ago; some of the DevOps community had initially dismissed the trend as the plethora of approaches from no-code to low-code for professional developers started to enter the market.
Digital Solutions | October 14, 2020
Meet HCL Volt MX: A Game-Changer for Your Business
Today, we are thrilled to announce a brand-new, game-changing product in our application-development suite. HCL Volt MX, an industry-leading low-code platform for developers, lets you build multiexperience consumer-grade apps rapidly and empowers you to deliver highly contextualized experiences to reach your customers, employees, and partners with the right information, in the right way, at the right time.   Using low-code approaches, Volt MX provides the agility to create fast solutions and unified experiences across all channels — as well as improves developer productivity, creates better app experiences more cost effectively, and helps you build innovative experiences that meet the evolution of customer expectations.  Build once. Deploy everywhere. From native mobile to PWAs to wearables, build once and deploy any app, anywhere — even on kiosks! — on one cloud-native platform. Your internal dev teams don’t have to become experts on iOS, Android, or any available platform. Using a single code base, they can build amazing apps with no limits on user experience, at any scale and complexity.   Integrations without limits. This means the ability to remove backend complexity and unlock existing data and business processes. Our secure integration capabilities hide any backend complexity, helping developers connect diverse systems and data sets easily and efficiently.   Innovative interactions. Meaningful engagement. Engage your users in new ways with virtual reality, augmented reality, and voice chat. Add your choice of virtual elements, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing engines with ease. You can captivate users and stay ahead of the competition by incorporating advanced technologies that drive adoption, engagement, and retention.   Fast app delivery. Our low-code development environment provides rapid, visual assembly and pre-built backend services so you can build robust solutions in weeks instead of months. Volt MX lets you visually build back-end business processes and makes managing complex workflows simple. You can achieve more than a 60% reduction in time to market — giving you faster innovation and lower TCO. Your IT teams can focus on the higher-value organizational opportunities that matter.      Secure to...
Digital Solutions | April 23, 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Domino Volt
On April 16, we hosted the official Domino Volt launch webcast. Nearly 1,500 people signed up for the webinar, and we had almost 1,000 live attendees. You can always watch the replay here. There were about 250 questions were asked during the one-hour time slot. We’ve distilled them down to the following Q&A. GENERAL QUESTIONS Q. Will Domino Volt be included in HCL SW Partner Pack? A. Yes, Domino Volt will be included in the Partner Pack by May 2020. Q. Will HCL provide partners with enablement resources? A. Yes, starting on April 22, we are delivering education and sales resources to help partners communicate Domino Volt’s value to customers. Q. Are there plans for a trial version? A. HCL will make trial versions for Domino Volt available soon. Q. Is a training course available for Domino Volt? A. Yes, video tutorials are already available in the Domino Volt Help Center Q. What is the minimum number of licenses to take advantage of Domino Volt? A. To purchase Domino Volt, you must buy the equivalent number of users as you have for the underlying Domino user license. Like email we believe the Domino Volt product is for everyone in your organization, so the license is both people using and building apps. Q. Once licensed, are there any limits to the number of apps can be built with the tool? A. There are no limits to the number of applications you can create. Q. How will licensing be handled when anonymous access is available? A. This will be announced as we get closer to the availability of anonymous usage. GENERAL FUNCTIONALITY Q. How does versioning work? Can we create new versions with added functionality and if needed revert back to a prior version? A. Versions of Domino Volt apps can be...
Digital Solutions | April 2, 2020
How to Make Domino Deployment and Monitoring Radically Easier
We recently hosted a webinar co-hosted with Panopta, our partner, on how to create a controlled, efficient Domino deployment (regardless of where you want your servers).  Panopta helps IT teams easily manage large-scale infrastructure monitoring from a single pane of glass, regardless of infrastructure deployment. Panopta works with us to create pre-built Domino dashboards for immediate insight into the most relevant health metrics, automated runbooks to minimize repetitive manual triage, and built-in thresholds and easy dynamic alerting and triage. If you’re interested in a trial, sign up here. Those of you who joined learned how to get complete visibility of your Domino servers' key health metrics in easy-to-use dashboards, ensure the right person is notified in case of any health or performance issues, and solve problems with automated remediation instead of manual intervention. The webinar was well-attended, and great questions were asked. We provide the questions and answers here. Q. Is there an on-premises-only version of Panopta?  A. No, it’s cloud-only. Q. Do you need to have Domino v11 to use the solution?  A. Panopta works with Domino v10, Domino v11 and hopefully well into the future! Q. Can you comment on overlaps with native Domino features (e.g. Domino Domain Monitoring) and whether the best tool for the job has been clearly identified?  A. There are many tools out there to monitor Domino and other infrastructure besides that can be a good fit depending on your team and their appetite for manual work. Our value at Panopta is having monitoring experts do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and having this first-class integration with Domino. Q. What is the raw data regarding Domino server? How do you gather the real-time Domino data?   A. Domino outputs metrics that we're set up to read and stream back to the cloud...
Digital Solutions | March 31, 2020
What’s New in HCL Domino v11.0.1 and Sametime
HCL Software is pleased to announce a new release of HCL Domino and an upcoming fix pack for HCL Sametime. The launch of v11 represented a major milestone in HCL’s commitment to the Domino and Sametime roadmaps and our community. We’ve focused these enhancements on feedback from our beta testers and your ideas from the Aha! Portal. Domino v11.0.1 now available for download on FlexNet and Sametime v11.0 FP1 will be available early April. HCL Domino v11.0.1 Highlights Group 1 languages packs Domino Docker Image based on RHEL UBI Security improvements to core Domino AppDev Pack 1.0.4 HCL Enterprise Integrator for Domino supports v10 and v11 Domino versions Notes v11.0.1 improvements Sametime v11.0 FP1 Highlights New Mobile HCL Sametime v11 apps for iOS and Android HCL Sametime proxy support for mobile clients Stand-alone HCL Sametime Community Mux install Install support for Linux console and sample files for silent Translation updates HCL Domino and Notes v11.0.1 Group 1 Language Packs The following languages are available in the HCL Domino language pack: Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Details of when Group 1 Language Packs will be available on v11.0.1 will be announced shortly. Docker on Docker Linux Image HCL Domino 11.0.1 includes a Docker-compatible Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) of Domino that is part of your entitlement and available for download through the HCL Licensing Portal. HCL Domino 11.0.1 is pre-installed on this image, allowing you to deploy Domino servers as containers with just a few commands. Thank you to those who upvoted this idea! TCO Improvements Auto Update (AUT) servers now support future upgrades of HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) clients and we’ve made DAOS Tier2 configuration improvements. Also, we have updated the version of MarvelClient Essentials from panagenda that comes with...
Digital Solutions | March 19, 2020
The Domino Volt Beta Program: Your Questions Asked, and Answered
We recently hosted a webinar that was one of the most well-attended ones we’ve held yet (there were almost 200 people there for the full hour). There were more than 300 who registered, so luckily the playback link is here, for anyone who wants to watch it. As usual, those who attended were super active, and a lot of great questions were asked. You can find those questions — and the answers — below. The general availability (GA) for Domino Volt is scheduled for April 2020; stay tuned. And for those who helped us with our beta program — you are rock stars.  Don’t forget to leave your comments and feedback in our beta forum. And, if you're experiencing issues with the beta, please contact the beta support team. ACCESS CONTROL Q.   Is access control explained in a single place? A.   This section in the documentation on securing explains everything related to access control and privileges. Q.   Can we use Domino access levels like a reader, author, editor in Domino Volt? A.   Domino Volt has a set of roles and privileges that map to the different workflow stages in your application.  With them, you can define who can read, update or delete documents in your app in each workflow stage. DOMINO INTEGRATION Q.   How do we import data from a Domino database? A.   With the initial release of Domino Volt, you will be able to import data from Domino apps using REST APIs. Going forward, we will add capabilities to make it easier to access and integrate with your Domino apps. DOMINO VOLT PLATFORM Q.   What database does Domino Volt use? A.   Domino Volt uses NSF for the database. All application definitions and data are stored in NSF. Domino Volt apps are real Domino apps complete with Domino forms and views. Q.   Can...
Digital Solutions | February 14, 2020
You’re Invited to the Domino Volt Beta Program
We are excited to announce the HCL Domino Volt Beta Program! We’re calling on our community to share honest, constructive, and thoughtful review and testing of the software. Your input is essential to how we develop our products. Your input is essential to how we develop our products — and we will continue to listen to you every step along our roadmap. With Domino v11, HCL Domino Volt provides new low-code, app-building capabilities that empower IT teams and business users to create web-based situational apps and workflows in minutes. You can now build apps 60-70% faster! And because it runs on Domino, you get all the benefits of the proven, secure platform underneath. We’re seeking people who meet the following criteria: Customers or business partners who are up and running on Domino v10 or v11 HCL is looking for participants to: Share applicable use cases for the beta Engage in a dialog and provide timely feedback Attend the web conferences and meetings pertaining to the Beta Program (note: No travel is required) Review and comment on documentation Be open to the idea of becoming a reference for HCL Domino and HCL Domino Volt To learn more about HCL Domino Volt, watch this video. To participate in the beta program, it’s easy to register here.  For testers who have been accepted into the program, you will receive further instructions by March 9. Thank you for your participation and your passion for HCL Domino. The HCL Domino Team
Digital Solutions | February 3, 2020
Domino Query Language for Domino v11 in Action
With v11, Domino Query Language (DQL) completed its consolidation of all means of searching Domino data, using full-text indices. We discussed and demonstrated this and other vital enhancements — and presented the expansive future of DQL and the problems it can be used to address — in a recent webcast. Attendees asked a lot of questions. We answer them here. Q: Are there any tutorials on DQL?      A: We have published several slide decks and guides. We agree that we should do more to educate developers about the capabilities of DQL. We will publish them here. Q: Is there a possibility to download the slides and demos after this webinar? A: Here is a link to the replay. Q: Are Qbus results updated automatically when a matching document is added to the database?     A: Yes, the result set will contain any documents matching the query. Q: What if the search query contains umlauts (e.g. Müller) or Unicode characters? Is it going to work in v11?     A: Accent sensitive searching will be honored through the FTSearch calls, but not the view or NSF ones in v11.  We have this as a backlog item going forward. Q: Is it possible to search with DQL under a specific Notes view like FTSEARCH? It looks like the research is global to the entire DB. A: Yes, it is possible using the IN clause ANDed with the FTSearch criteria: in ('myview') and lastname contains ('Schmidt', 'Rose*')" Q: Can I query a range date or number for field now with DQL?     A: Yes, it is supported in DQL using View and NSF Scanning. 11.0.1 will support dates and numbers using FTSearch in the future. Q: Are aggregate multi-database searches planned for next release?     A: We're currently working on it and have designs....
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