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Andrea Fiore
Workload Automation Senior Software Engineer, HCL Technologies
Andrea joined HCL in April 2017 in the Verification&Validation Test team. He works as verification tester for Workload Automation suite both on L3 Support team (in distributed and cloud-native environments) and in Test Team for new releases developing. He has a master's degree in Computer Science Engineering, with specialization in Automatic and System Engineer.
Posts by Andrea Fiore
Automation | July 11, 2022
Leverage Kerberos Authentication Protocol for submitting jobs with HCL Workload Automation
Kerberos builds on symmetric-key cryptography and requires a trusted third party, and optionally may use public-key cryptography during certain authentication phases.
Automation | May 24, 2022
Ensuring Passwordless Job Schedulation with CyberArk Integration
Submit workload automation without specifying passwords using Cyberark-an identity and access manager offering a variety of identity security capabilities.
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