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Amanda Chan
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Marketing & Commerce | June 3, 2021
Performance & Scalability are in our DNA
Performance and scalability constitute the DNA of HCL Commerce. We have clients now on v9 who have reported a 30% reduction in page load time.
Marketing & Commerce | February 2, 2021
Engaging with our Clients – Part 2
As Product Managers, we are always looking for patterns in what our users do, say, think, and feel, but the context that is needed to tell a more complete and powerful product story can come only from direct, personal engagement with them
Marketing & Commerce | December 1, 2020
Engaging with our Clients – Part 1 Product Ideas Portal
In software product management, we are in the business of solving “market problems.” Market problems are evaluated along two dimensions: pervasiveness and willingness to pay. Through this series of blogs, we’ll share more details about how HCL Commerce play imporatnt role here.
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