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Allan Wagner
HCLSoftware Transformation Architect
Al Wagner is an HCLSoftware Transformation Architect and DevOps enthusiast with more than twenty years of practical field experience in development roles driving thought leadership, strategic initiatives, and tangible solutions around DevOps and continuous delivery. Focusing primarily on value stream management, deployment automation, and continuous testing, Al has practical knowledge of the HCLSoftware DevOps solution set, having assisted, mentored, and enabled client teams to help solve their IT challenges. He has spoken at numerous conferences around the world on software development – principles & techniques - and authored/co-authored numerous papers and books including Application Release and Deployment For Dummies, Continuous Testing For Dummies, and Service Virtualization For Dummies.
Posts by Allan Wagner
Secure DevOps | May 18, 2021
A “day in the life” with HCLSoftware DevOps
HCLSoftware DevOps provides an integrated solution that satisfies any organization’s DevOps needs. Watch the video or click to read through the scenario.
Secure DevOps | March 8, 2021
The truth is in the Dots: Clearing bottlenecks with HCL Accelerate
Watch this video to see how HCL Accelerate presents the flow of work across the entire pipeline, such as providing the functionality to triage the bottleneck and more.
Secure DevOps | February 25, 2021
Accelerating Flow across an SAP Pipeline
HCLSoftware DevOps solutions, integrated with Jira and SAP ChaRM, deliver an integrated end-to-end solution that eliminates many common limitations.
Secure DevOps | February 4, 2021
Demo: Value Stream Management for SAP Development
Understand how VSM focuses on improving the flow of value to the business while managing and monitoring the software delivery lifecycle. Read more.
Secure DevOps | December 1, 2020
Your VSM questions, answered by experts
Learn about VSM, convince stakeholders to get on board with VSM, and utilize VSM best practices and need to get familiar with its advantage and offers.
Secure DevOps | August 11, 2020
The HCLSoftware DevOps Workshop – what’s in it for you?
DevOps Institute Upskilling report for 2020 indicates that of the 1260 individuals who responded to this year’s survey more than 50%. Learn more..
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