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Alex Mulholland
Platform Chief Architect HCL Software
Alex is the Platform Chief Architect for HCL Software, leading the SoFy project and helping to guide the cloud-native strategy for the HCL Software organization. Previously, she was the chief architect of WebSphere Liberty at IBM. Alex has a passion for making enterprise software do great things in very simple ways. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband Martin, her cat and chickens.
Posts by Alex Mulholland
Cloud Native HCL Software | July 22, 2021
Why take an enterprise software portfolio cloud native?
The phrase cloud native generally conjures images of containers, microservices and 'born on the cloud' 12-factor applications. Read the blog for more details.
Cloud Native HCL Software | July 20, 2021
HCL Software Unveils HCL Now and SoFy
Five years ago, we imagined a future where our software products could be deployed in minutes into dynamic public, private and hybrid clouds. We harmonized our investments and roadmaps to get cloud-native from the ground up. 5,000+ people-years of investments later, we have: 
HCL Software is Cloud Native: Q&A with Chief Platform Architect, Alex Mulholland
A could-native strategy allows an organization to realize business benefits through the use of public, private and hybrid cloud resources. Cloud resources can be used in different ways to achieve varying business objectives, including: reducing infrastructure costs, achieving faster application updates, and meeting data location requirements. Learn more about HCL Software's approach.

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